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Analog Horror

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Karvel, Feb 12, 2022.

  1. I wanted to post this in the horror movies topic, but might aswell start a new topic.

    The whole Analog Horror thing, while it's already a bit too overdone and a bit predictable, it has been an interesting phenomenon and is an interesting take in storytelling.

    The Walten Files starts a bit slow, but I love how overboard, and aggressively lofi and creepy the whole thing is, the story is a lot, but it's quite captivating

    The Gemini Home project (Nexpo did a great coverup which explains the story brilliantly, he also did one for The Walten Files), is great, the whole Eldricht horror meets Cosmic Horror is a great spin and the aesthetics are extremely well done, probably the best one I stumbled upon so far.
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  2. The Smile Tapes and the Chimpy Chippa's Tapes are also underrated analog horror projects!

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  3. Local58 is unmatched as far as I'm concerned. "Contingency" haunts me

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  4. The way I plan to watch all of their videos in bed tonight. This is exactly the type of weird shit I like to find, so thank you.
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  5. watched this finally, absolutely stellar.

    This one is so well done, I love the whole origin story of the Backrooms and to think that the creator is only 17!!!
  6. omg i didn't know we had a topic about analog horror! i'm blessed.

    gemini home entertainment is silent for 6 months, can't wait their new installment - since they've gone far with a real game with different endings.

    local 58 is another masterpiece and i know kris is working for different things but also their last video was 10 months ago, so i'm hopefully waiting for the new video to see how the story unfolds further.

    analog archives was another short pieces of work - containing only 9 installments. sadly it's cancelled and it made me go disturbed even more than others.

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