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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MJH, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. True, but Anastacia had the worst timing of any of them in releasing a best of. You could argue Belinda was also a bit premature in releasing one after only three albums (the compilation itself ignores the debut, as did most of the public, so I think it's fair for me to do the same) but Anastacia had just come off her most successful album and first full-scale tour. After that and Heavy Rotation's underperformance, it felt like she skipped about 15 years of her career and went straight to the legacy act stage. Even speaking as someone who isn't really a fan, that feels like an opportunity wasted.
  2. It was easy money I guess maybe Anastacia wanted a break too. It was definitely a “suits have to beef up Q4 predictions” release.
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  3. She was really against doing the greatest hits too as she felt it was too soon, but the label didn't give her a choice.
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  4. How is Dannii not guessing it's her?
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  5. She does.

  6. Isn't the whole thing staged? They know who they are, as if they have separate dressing room areas.

    It's so cringe when judges go 'is it Madonna', 'is it Amy Winehouse'.
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  7. She was shaking her hips in Cheap Thrills and now those judges 'think' it could be Shakira and I am like... the plain obviousness of it all.


    On the topic of greatest hits it ironically has her biggest charting hit tacked on which she technically was a feature only for at first (I Belong To You). But like everybody said. I would have loved a Deluxe of Anastacia with those tracks tacked on much more than a greatest hits because of the stigma. Combine it with a trash start of the next era (also due to the health issues) but moreso in singles it was dead in the water. Stupid Little Things could have given her career way more longevity if it was released in 2008. Then the ageism would have kicked in. There have been rumours about it since the start. But then she would have reached 30 (a lie) and the ageism would have started anyway.
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  8. I wouldn't know where to place Anastacia if I was a record label though. The 'sprock' sound she mad popular isn't really a sound you hear currently and when she did try and do something a little different, like some of the stuff on Heavy Rotation people/her fans weren't here for it.
  9. londonrain

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    The timing of greatest-hits albums seems to be driven by contractual obligations a lot of the time - often it's the final album in a record contract before it's either renewed or terminated.

    Heavy Rotation felt very much like the new label trying to play it safe by pulling in Ne-Yo, Darkchild, J.R. Rotem and Chuck Harmony - all big names at the time - but unfortunately it felt like she was given a bunch of songs from their reject piles in the vain hope of pitching her as an R&B act. It's pretty much what happened with the Sugababes and Sweet 7 two years later.
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  10. the self titled album is absolutely brilliant and still regularly played in my house, but wasn’t it delayed by a ridiculously long time in the US?
  11. I'm surprised she didn't 'do a Dannii' and end up venturing into TV. She has such a great personality.
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  12. Her self-titled is one of my favourite albums ever, you can tell it's a project she really put her heart and soul into.

    Heavy Rotation is... nice, but nothing special and bar I Call It Love, Heavy Rotation and Defeated, I don't see the replay value. It was her trying to fit into the trend at the time and it didn't really work for her in my opinion.

    But her self-titled still sounds fresh today, I still have a bopping moment to Seasons Change atleast once a month. I really do miss her being everywhere.
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  13. She perhaps needs another 'I'm Outta Love' type track.
  14. You make it sounds like that’s easy.
  15. I meant in terms of sound/production. That might appeal more in today's musical climate than the 'sprock' sound.
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  16. She was lined up to do X Factor one year but was replaced at the last minute by Nicole Scherzinger returning. She said in an interview at the time that she was only meant to be a guest judge but I remember there being a lot of animosity between her/ITV in interviews following the series (and I believe she did Strictly the following year in retaliation where she mentioned that she wanted to be an X Factor judge?).
  17. She won The Masked Singer.

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  18. Good for her.
  19. I’m Outta Lockdown… dddd.

    Watch me buy tickets purely to see her perform Stupid Little Things.
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