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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MJH, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Glad you had a great time! It looks like she's cut a couple of songs from the setlist she had in Europe - "Welcome To My Truth" and "Best Of You". Shame! I think I'm going to get a last minute ticket to go and see her tomorrow. Always had the best time seeing her live.
  2. What time does she go on stage?
  3. Yeah, those would have been great to hear live. I'd have preferred those over Sweet Child O Mine. I was surprised Heavy on My Heart wasn't on the setlist either but perhaps that's not an easy song for her to perform.
  4. For the Cardiff show it was quite early - 8:30pm and she was done just before 10pm.
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  5. Lisbon had a much better setlist, lucky me.
  6. Okay but is there any mention of new music any time soon? I swear she said she had a new single ready months ago.
  7. From, I’m guessing, the ITV News interview from earlier:

    If it’s writers submitting original songs for her then I’m intrigued! If it’s just covers, I can’t really see myself being too into it.
  8. Hm. Well, that quote would suggest it's a covers album but of non-English songs which have been translated into English? But, who knows. Doesn't sound all that exciting to me but we shall see,
  9. Her Kate Ryan era.
  10. Saw her last night in London and she was incredible. Her voice has gotten so much better over the last few years. The crowd were so receptive and you could tell she was embracing it all.

    I did the Meet and greet upgrade as well and she is the nicest lady. Very much like the Sugababes, she was chatty, and made you feel at ease straight away. Well worth it, and would definitely do it again!
  11. I was also there last night - a really great show! So glad I went. They've transposed a few songs down but she still sounded great and her crowd interaction was fab as usual. I'd have just liked a couple of extra songs. The original European setlist with "Welcome To My Truth" and then "Left Outside Alone" in the encore would have been great. Overall, the setlist was really good and she did some of my favourite album tracks from the first two albums.

    The one thing that I hadn't realised is, I don't think she's actually performed "Made For Lovin' You" on ANY tour?! I thought she had but checked last night and it doesn't look like she has. Was a treat to hear that one!
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  12. That was one of my highlights. I love that song, so was thrilled that she performed it!
  13. I'm a fan of Overdue Goodbye as well, so loved hearing that one.
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  14. Is there still VIP upgrades available for Glasgow? I seen them on Instagram a few weeks ago but can’t find it now.
  15. Yes!

    You will not regret it. She is amazing!
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  16. Anastacia was amazing last night in Glasgow, we had the best night! A lot of people stayed in their seats until she done One Day In Your Life then it looked like everyone was up until the end. She was loving the “here we fucking go” chanting too!
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  17. Loved the show, her banter between the songs was hilarious, great sense of humour.
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