Anatomy of Pop - The Podcast

Hey everyone, last week a good friend of mine and I started our new podcast Anatomy of Pop. It is basically us discussing our favourite topic, pop culture and pop music. But instead of just being a gossip podcast we take a different route by diagnosing, dissect and discussing everything going on in pop culture at the minute and looking at it with an altered perspective. At the end of every show, we give our opinions on albums and singles that have been released that week, as well as our SPOTLIGHT SECTION, which is a platform for indie and or queer artists. Have a listen and let me know what you all think!

"A podcast diagnosing the current state of pop, dissecting the culture surrounding it and discussing with an unapologetically queer and Irish eye. Hosted by Jack Brennan and singer-songwriter Jack Rua."
Episode 3: On this weeks episode of Anatomy of Pop, we discuss the Jussie Smollett Scandal and the political questions it raises. With the release of Netflix’s most recent documentary regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann we diagnose societies obsession with knowledge that they may not be entitled to, and is there a spell to delete JK Rowling's twitter? We dissect the problem with retrospective representation. As well as reviewing Grayson's Chance new album Portraits, and Iggy Azalea and LSD's new singles, Sally Walker & No New Friends.