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Andy Brown (ex-Avenue and Lawson) - Cedarmont

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by londonrain, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Andy Brown (the lead singer of the boyband Lawson and previously a member of Avenue) has announced a new album, Cedarmont. He says it's going to be a country record and will include the single "Landslide" (not the Fleetwood Mac song), which features Crissie Rhodes from the Shires and was released back in October.


    He released the second single, Talk of the Town, this morning:

    It sounds more pop-country than country to me, but okay.

  2. Video's good, fair bit of topless Andy which get's my vote. Only 5k views in 2 days though...
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  3. I wonder what the marketing strategy is for this. Given the album is on Decca Records, I imagine they're looking to target album sales but aren't expecting a top 40 single out of it.

    The thing is I don't think Andy is recognisable enough that people will immediately realise from the name that he's the guy from Lawson, so he needs something like Radio 2 to really push the single if he's going to get any real sales out of it. indicates that he's had precisely zero plays of Talk Of The Town in the last 30 days, which indicates Decca hasn't pushed Talk of the Town to any radio playlists at all.

    In that time Landslide has been played a grand total of twice.
  4. I hope he does well but it doesn't bode well. No one has a clue he's gone solo or even can probably even remember who Lawson were.
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  5. I honestly wouldn't have known if it weren't for the Lawson thread on this forum.

    The album doesn't come out until June, though, so maybe they're going to ramp up the campaign in Q2 to really hit the Shires' target audience (given that Landslide is a duet with Crissie from the Shires, and both Andy and the Shires are on Decca)...

    ...or maybe I'm just being really optimistic.
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  6. I’m loving the new song! Hope the album does well for him. I wouldn’t mind country-pop to make dominance in the chart this year
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  7. In news that will surprise nobody, Andy is now touring as the support act for The Shires.

    He's also released two EPs - Country Sessions (Vol. 1) and Country Sessions (Vol. 2) - which largely seem to consist of country covers.

    He's also released a new single called Put That Record On:

  8. The album is out this Friday. I feel like there's been zero buzz for this at all, though - even a Google search doesn't come up with any recent blog posts or press releases. I'm really not expecting this to bother the charts at all, which is sad because there's a real chance to capitalise on the success of the Shires here.
  9. What on earth is going on with him? The original reason for postponing it to July 20 was supposedly to change a few things on it:

    and then this happened:

    He tweeted on the 3rd asking people to follow him on Spotify because there's a new single coming.

    Lay With Me came out in June, but that still doesn't have a video and hasn't been uploaded to his official YouTube channel yet.

    I assume Decca have concluded that there is really no public interest in this project at the moment and he needs some sort of push (such as Radio 2 support for the new single) for them to consider releasing it.
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  11. Isn't that the usual thing with cancelled albums? Record label starts kicking into the long grass, artist puts up a front that they want to make the album perfect hence the delay and then the whole thing quietly slips away.

    Saying that as someone said, in the digital age, what is there to stop a digital release happening?
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  12. This topic comes up quite a lot when albums are binned, but cancelling albums is usually a way for labels to get out of contractual stuff such as paying for any marketing/promo that might have been agreed upon album release, and paying artists the second half of their advance (they'll get some on signing, and some on releasing). It's not quite as cheap and easy as throwing it on Spotify and hoping for the best.
  13. Why is this photo the best thing to come out of this entire era?

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  14. According to iTunes its released under LTLA Music ?

    To be honest, he should of released this album as Lawson - i think it could of been a nice sound for them as their last album was all over the place.
  15. Well, it looks like Lawson are re-forming to perform Chapman Square in full for a one-off gig. I wonder if this means Cedarmont is properly dead in the water, or if Andy wants to use the money from the gig to help get it out.

  16. He signed with new management last week:
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  18. His album is officially out on iTunes / Streaming sites etc through LTLA Music - Decca must of released all his songs back to him
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  19. That’s anticlimactic but I’m glad he was able to get the album out.

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