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Andy Clockwise feat. Holly Valance - Hopeless New Single (July 15th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by tomscott, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Holly just tweeted about this.

    Out July 15th. It's a feature but better than nothing.

    Wasn't expecting this
  2. I've long been awaiting the return of Holly Valegend. I hope the song is good!
  3. We all know this will slay.

    Hope it inspires to do some stuff of her own.
  4. I'm always hungry for more from The Holly Spirit, so this will have to do. The guy sounds like he's trying to be David Bowie!
  5. This thread title is everything.

    'Hopeless New Single'

    Yes, yes it is.
  6. The song feels like one of those non-descript songs your hear playing while shopping in H&M. I like the production though, it feels like a continuation of the 80s pop sounds of the State of Mind album.
  7. You can't really tell it's her's nice enough. A lot will hinge on how good the video is.
  8. SBK


    Amazing. I wonder if she's going to do more music? State of Mind was a wonderful album, such a shame it never did better for her.
  9. Oh I like this!
  10. Haha, so true. I love H&M's music! Almost as good as Yo Sushi's.

    I really like this. Thank god she's using the Holly Valance name too, and not her recent Holly Candy moniker she adopted for her fashion stuff.
  11. Holly Valance > Holly Candy.

    Candy sounds like a porn name. The song is okay. Nothing incredible.
  12. It's just nice to hear her on music again. Her voice is nothing amazing but it is 'sweet' and she can harmonise well.

    I have to go listen to State of Mind again.
  13. I really love "Hopeless". Hopefully it will give her the confidence to come-back in the studios...
  14. I've missed her, but I'd rather she sung the whole thing.

    I need an album Holly...
  15. Ray


    Hopeless New Single is a fantastic title I must say.
  16. Will there be a video?
  17. State of Mind needs a full follow up Holly. Sensory Deprivation please!
  18. State of mind was massively under rated.

    Now if we all pitch in could we get a song out feat Rachel Stevens too.
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