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Angèle - Nonante-cinq ('95)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Apr 20, 2019.

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  2. Hairy queen!
  3. Her "secret" Brussels gig last night was so amazing. La Flemme, Les Matins and Balance Ton Quoi went off.

    Tardy to the party, as per, but I'm full on stanning Angèle now. Girl's got all the tunes, wokeness and charisma it takes to make a perfect modern popstar. If your French is a bit rusty, I strongly recommend trying to find a translation of her lyrics because, ugh, her mind. She makes a lot of valid points about social media, the way society looks at and treats women, the navel gazing tendencies of today's youngsters ... without it ever becoming heavy-handed. Social commentary you can bop to, quoi. And she's very witty, too!
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  5. She's the biggest thing that has happened to French pop this century, I guess.
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  6. Global
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  7. I mean, let’s not cancel Christine and the Queens just yet.

    (Although Angèle’s rise to fame has been spectacular, too, indeed.)
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  8. Christine is an amazing performer and i love her second album (I dont like the first one though) but there is a viral characteristic in Angèle success that didn't happen with Chris.
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  10. I wish she would have had a serve on the re-release cover. Turning the background red is a letdown.

    Can't wait to hear the new songs though. Even though I was disappointed by the album as a whole, when she is good, she is so incredibly good. All of the singles, except Tout oublier, are Top 20 of the decade worthy.
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  11. My Fiancé’s French sister in law introduced us to her this summer and I really love this album even as someone who’s a big averse to listening to foreign language songs I don’t understand cause I’m such a lyric freak. At times she gives me serious Lily Allen vibes in the best way
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  13. LOVE the new songs

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  14. Island

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    Not this rerelease being one of the rare ones where every song is worthwhile!
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  15. Hopefully this indication that a US/anglophone world push is coming soon. I remember Stromae followed a similar strategy.

  16. Everything she touches is incredible. S'en aller is that sexy moodpiece.
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  17. Swing is consistently killing it. Perhaps a thread could be made for him.
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