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Angèle - Nonante-cinq ('95)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Apr 20, 2019.

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  2. The money is definitely there.
  3. I went to a screening of her Netflix documentary last night in Paris and it was such a nice watch. Can’t wait to hear the whole album.
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  5. Ed Sheeran's face though.

    Also: a two-minute performance of a four-minute song??
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  6. Love her and looking forward to the album and documentary. The transition from the “flawless” vocals to the out of breath “merci” was funny, though.
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  7. Sorry for the double post, but I’ve just finished the documentary and I can’t get over how lovely she is. The part where she listened to an old voice memo regarding the magazine and her “sexy” picture was heartbreaking. Looking forward to the album even more now!
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  8. They also played three songs at the screening: Tempête, Plus de sens et On S'habitue and they all sound really really good.
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  9. Ugh. I am so into French pop ladies lately I am thinking about taking French lessons (partly because I don't understand their Instagram captions in French dd). Juliette Armanet, Clara Luciani, Angele... all killing it.

    P. S. By the way just finished the Netflix documentary and learnt so much about her. Love her even more now (and her brother is hot).
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  10. The doc is lovely!
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  11. She is, too.
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  12. She comes across as such a sweet person! The doc itself is nothing groundbreaking, but it's definitely a very enjoyable watch.
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  13. So, she's just announced that she is bringing the release of the album one week forward, which essentially means that she is releasing it in 16 minutes.

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    I’m slightly whelmed by the album but I do like that she played around with the genres on the album. Solo and Plus de sens are absolute bops.
  15. I see fans online talking about how different from the first album this one is. I see it very simular (which is what I expected for a second album by such a successful artist).

    Here, there were many more songs that I liked on the first listen though.

    On s'habitue, Solo and Tempête are amazing.
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  16. The album is a triumph. Queen of chill bops has delivered again.
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  17. The album is just as lovely as she is. I've had it on repeat since I woke up and it's such an easy listen.

    Can't really make up my mind about which album I like more, so it's safe to say that her quality control was mantained.
  18. Angèle performed a fragile and beautiful rendition of Pour que tu m’aimes encore by Celine Dion on France Inter this morning and whew, I need it in my life.
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  19. She also sings this (one of the greatest songs ever tbh) for a few secs in her doc!
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