Angèle - Nonante-cinq ('95)

This is a really fantastic album. I love how she's feeling her big pop girl fantasy in the first half, bop after bop after bop. The second half is mostly more subdued and more similar to the debut, but it's also great. Bruxelles je t'aime remains one of the very best songs of the year, and Libre better get released as a single.
I imagine randomly putting the album on streaming services one week before it was meant to be released (and before physicals were ready too) resulted in it pealing lower than it would have if all first week streams + sales were counted on the same week, but oh well.
I'm pretty sure that the low peak is because of disconnection of physicals and streaming being released in two different weeks.
Also of course they wasted her 'big comeback after huge era' momentum by releasing the Brol La Suite release. I have this theory that by releasing repacks you kinda eat into the next era's popularity and buzz but who knows. Of course the releases do well but by the time the follow up comes some people have moved on.

Example Kesha and Animal / Cannibal / Warrior.

Like, a teen girl into pop who was 15-16 when Brol was released is 20 now and probably listens to other types of music.

I'm sure she'll be fine though.

The whole rollout was also weirdly low-key. Just one single pre-album?

Démons is a single with a video and has impacted a week ago.