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Angèle - Nonante-cinq ('95)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. I can barely understand what she's saying but girl I am living! The production and melodies are immaculate.
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  2. I really enjoy this album. Easy, breezy, beautiful. I want to hang out in or around trains with Angèle.

    Sidenote, I went down the rabbit hole of France French vs. Belgium French numbers and I am perplexed. I cannot imagine doing data entry in France.
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    Solo needs to smash.
  4. I'm surprised with how much I dislike this album. I'm usually a sucker for bland-vanilla-white-sounding French music, but this verges a bit too aggressively into Zara-fitting-room / made-for-Spotify playlist. A bit too Selena Gomez - Rare for my taste. Her voice is super pretty, but the song Profite is the only instance where she seems to not be bored singing.
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  5. Taxi and Mots Justes are the only two not working that much for me but everything else is so so good. I'm obsessed with the first 4 tracks especially. Such a good album.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  8. 6.7 score from Pitchfork:

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  9. Yes 9.7 is correct.
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  10. I'm still obsessed with the album cover? It gives me a little bit of LaChapelle energy, so polished and striking.

    Let me get an overpriced vinyl to frame x
  11. This is great by the way.
  12. Amazon fr sis
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  13. FNAC >>> issa better.
  14. Not with their shipping to Greece!
  15. Can't believe Angelé has been described as bland
  16. I have just ordered deluxe edition from her official store. The shipping to Poland was 6 euro so pretty nice. Cannot wait to listen to it.
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  17. A few hours left (20h CET) to vote for Bruxelles je t'aime the song (Chanson originale) and the video (Création audiovisuelle), for Les Victoires de la Musique.

    Votez pour les Victoires de la Musique. Results tomorrow night.
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  18. "4 years ago, she experienced a meteoric rise. Becoming both a new pop icon and a figure of feminism, outed by the tabloids which revealed her love for a woman."
    Angèle : « Outing cannot be justified ! »
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    Libre performance!
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  20. Woman next to us at branch: I’m from Belgium but my grandfather is Greek, I overhea-

    Me: I love Angèle!!!

    Her: oh my daughter loves her too

    Me: How old is she?

    Her: Six!
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