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Angelyne (Peacock Miniseries)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andy French, May 14, 2022 at 7:38 PM.

  1. Starring Emmy Rossum as the billboard queen herself, drops May 19th.

    I've been fascinated by Angelyne since I was in high school and have been waiting on bated breath for this since 2020, so I'm hoping it lives up to the hype. It looks like a blast. A Peacock exclooce though...girl.
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  2. Angelyne would have been perfect for Celebrity Big Brother UK. She could have been so much more had she taken the opportunity. She wouldn’t still be selling stuff out of the trunk of her car and scamming the public with free rides only for them to be forced into buying her groceries. It’s sad how she still won’t fess up to her true identity and back story since it’s so interesting. That’s her right though. She allegedly has a manager who’s obsessed with her - a sort of “Sunset Boulevard” type deal. I remember all the rumors going around as to who she really was, even her age on the internet. It was such a hoot. A guy in film school was making a documentary about her with her help. He thought the whole persona was a put on like Elvira or Pee-see Herman. He was shocked to find she lived like this 24/7. He had to quit the project because he couldn’t afford to bring her a gift every time he saw her.
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  3. I just watched the trailer again and this looks so good.
  4. Beyond perched for this!
  5. I cannot put into words my excitement for this series. I spent most of my childhood staring at her billboards in wonderment out the windows of my parents cars. She has been such a mysterious figure of pop iconography for most of my life, and I have met her numerous times, and yet I still get an indescribable rush any time I see her car speeding down the streets of Los Angeles, or scamming another sad gay with the contents of her trunk. Emmy Rossum is such an odd casting choice, and considering how little Angelyne has actually shared about her past, I don’t know how they will cover a number of things… but good lord, I can’t wait to see it all play out. And with Sam Esmail‘s involvement? I get wet just thinking about it.
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  6. Emmy is quoted saying "I've spent the better part of four years thinking, living, and breathing this project," So I get the sense that she has a part in spearheading or initiating it from the beginning. Pretty sure Sam and Emmy are a couple too? I agree though that Emmy is not an obvious choice at all, but I have confidence in her acting from Shameless that she'll be able to sell it. Can't wait to see this!
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  7. I still can't believe that I've lived in LA for years and have yet to encounter Angelyne in the wild.
  8. There have been so many bloated, aggressively charmless biopic-type ~limited series from the US recently (is there a term yet for whatever post-Peak TV hellscape US TV is in now?) that I'd sworn to boycott the whole genre but... this looks potentially refreshing, in a wonky kind of way. Not just like some charlatans scored a big budget and access to famous actors and called it a day. (Looking at you Pam & Tommy and Inventing Anna and WeCrashed and Halston and The First Lady and Impeachment and Joe vs Carole and...)

    I saw somewhere say it was coming on Sky here straight away but somewhere else saying it was coming out later in the summer, do we know what the deal is for the UK?
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