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Anggun - 8 (2017)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by londonrain, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. French-Indonesian singer Anggun has come back with her first English single in years, and it’s a BOP:

    She hasn’t released an English album since 2011’s Echoes, so I’m hoping this is the start of a new album campaign for her. It’s been too long.
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  2. Who is Anggun, you ask?

    She's placed in the top three in the PJOPS contest a couple of times with a couple of songs from her 1997 debut album - "Snow On The Sahara" (#3 in PJOPS 14, submitted by @Hudweiser):

    and "A Rose In The Wind" (#1 in PJOPS 31, submitted by me).

    She also placed at #50 in @ufint's rate of people's all-time favourite songs with her 2011 album track "Year of the Snake", which was submitted by @Zar-Unity:

    and she placed 22nd at Eurovision in 2012 with "Echo (You and I)", representing France.
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  3. OMG @londonrain !!! I love you!

    I think I've heard Anggun's new single last week already, or this could be my first listen to the song, not sure. I like it a lot! It's somewhat Eurovisiony like her songs off of Echoes (my favorite album by her) but also a bit like the style of her bops on her last French album, minus the world music influences. I really like the colorful percussion bits to the song, and of course Anggun's voice! She sounds a bit light on this song, compared to her earlier songs, but that's not really a bad thing, just different. It's a bit low key for a single, but I'm sure will make a perfect member to her new English album, which I'm sure to love.

    I just can't with Anggun's flawless discography! I really can't, she is true perfection...okay so her mildly awkward 2008's R&B album Elevation has a little filler, but that was rather forceful to say.

    Anyway's I'm super excited for her new album and I thank you fellow Anggun fan and ally @londonrain for mentioning Anggun's new single and leaving a cool shout out for my recent entry of her "year of the snake" song, which on any given day, I cannot get the song out of my head.
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  4. I think What We Remember is Anggun quite clearly trying to stay contemporary. Elevation was much the same, I think - she was trying to tap into the mid-'00s pop-R&B market with songs like My Man and Crazy:

    I'm not complaining at all, though - it's a solid single and I'm really enjoying it.
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  5. [​IMG]

    I just want to also take a moment to say how truly great Anggun's first international pop album is, "Snow on the Sahara"! Which would make for a pretty good start for new Anggun fans!

    It's one of her best albums, and one of the best chill out and world pop albums ever recorded. All by one producer and Anggun's sweet and majestic voice. There is so much passion and heart to Snow on the Sahara. So much going on in the production and Anggun's cover of David Bowie's "Life on Mars" is one of my favorite songs by Anggun ever, which I know, is kinda being vague with you, since I could probably say that about really any of her songs...

    Also, the single cover for this single is so beautiful and cool! Omg, this is art!


    Anyway, this album is completely flawless, and the best version of the album is the Indonesian and Asian versions of the album, which includes some extra special tracks that really lift the album into a new level of class and cool atmosphere. My favorite version is the Indonesian version of Snow on the Sahara, which includes a pretty bad ass Indonesian version of "A rose in the wind" (Kembali) !

    Also, I just love this alternate Indonesian album cover of Snow on the Sahara!


    Also, it might be kind of hard to pick, but I think my favorite song on Snow on the Sahara would be...

    Just because of how different it is and how it stands out from all of the other songs on Snow in the Sahara. I love the cool rock influence and guitar!
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  6. Yeah, like she was doing on her last French album "Toujours un ailleurs", which is a gorgeous album and I love the album cover and promo photos from around that time period!





    Omg, she is so gorgeous! I love this sexy adventurous Jungle look for her!

    Anyway, her Elevation album has a cool story of her influences from the album. Anggun was a fan
    of the last Nelly Furtado album of the time, and she wanted to incorporate that type of modern R&B style into her music.

    "I was fan of the last album of Nelly Furtado, and I found her amazing musical evolution was successful." - Anggun
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  7. I didn't realise Elevation was influenced by Loose! I don't think I'd ever have made that connection, but I suppose it makes sense.

    I actually haven't heard Toujours un ailleurs. What's it like sonically?
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  8. Yep, Anggun just amazes me with her musical influences!

    Toujours un ailleurs is majestic, consistent and truly beautiful! It's a pretty tight record, every track goes perfectly together on the album. The album keeps a pretty comtemporary feel to it, but also with a pleasant light world music theme. The album opens with some very lush backing vocals and then Anggun's voice comes in and melts your heart. There's a song or two with a decent male voice featurette and some really gorgeous pop ballads with every detail polished to attention. A few tracks toward the albums end with a cool, majestic world music style and very colorful percussion as Anggun's voice just glides through like a otherworldly being. Toujours un ailleurs is truly a work of art!

    Overall the album invokes a fun, summery pop style to it and a majestic, thrilling ride of bops with a cool contemporary feel and Anggun's one English featured song "Perfect world" is a standout track with some pretty powerful vocals and some beautiful lyrics.

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  9. The opening track to Toujours un ailleurs is truly gorgeous!

    Bytheway, I was in the middle of doing PJOPS when I saw that you created this thread, and I got completely side tracked..not that I'm complaining.

    Yes, I have had too much coffee today and yes I'm crazy (for Anggun)
    No pun intended....I think..

    But, finally back on topic, I loved her Echoes album to pieces and I'm very pleased to have a new single in English, since her "Perfect world" single in 2015. It may not be one of my top favorites by her, but I'm growing to love it more on more listens.
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  10. Annoyingly Toujours un ailleurs was never released digitally or physically in the UK, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to shell out the extra for an import without having heard any of it. I'll check these videos out!

    @berserkboi and @LPMA - have you heard Toujours un ailleurs?
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  11. Ahh, I see your issue there.
  12. It's worse with the special edition of the English version of Luminescence, which seems to be completely unavailable in the UK, whereas in France it's digitally available as a double album which contains the special editions of both the French and English versions. I'd gladly shell out the money for that version if I could!
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  13. Damn, it seems like the French get to have all the fun, eh?

    So you don't have her amazing Luminescence album?? Have you ever heard it in the full?
    It's her most powerful album vocally, and her most rockish pop album to date. I love it!

    A big highlight from Luminescence!

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  14. I'm not really familiar with Anggun overall, I mostly know the tracks that used to get some radio play here!
  15. And this one -

    From Luminescence!

    And of course, Luminescence yielded this amazing single!

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  16. Which ones have you heard?

    No, I haven't! I've heard various songs from it but never the whole thing. Once I find the English special edition I fully intend to get it. "Undress Me" is one of my favourite songs by her.

    Luminescence and Elevation are her only English albums not on Spotify UK - which is why I know the French versions of the Elevation songs much better than I know the English ones. (The French version of Luminescence isn't on Spotify UK either, annoyingly.)
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  17. It looks like Anggun has been signed to Universal and the new album will be out by the end of the year. Hopefully she'll be able to use the fact that she's a judge on Asia's Got Talent to push the album. I'm not sure what she expects in terms of sales outside Asia.

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  18. Yep, the new album is coming before the end of the year, most likely in November. So so excited to hear it!
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  19. Oh, I see. I love Undress me! I think someone else in this forum does as well, but I forget who. Perhaps @DJHazey ? Hehe

    Luminescence and Elevation are both such cool albums by her! And so different from each other!
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  20. You got the wrong person. I don't think I've ever heard it and didn't give her song a favorable score in the rate. Sorry!
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