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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Since we were taking over the video games discussion thread pretty enthusiastically, I figured the upcoming release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons warranted a new thread. The Nintendo Direct boasted some exciting new features including choosing where the villagers place their houses and forming new bodies of water/terrain. Also, the QR codes from New Leaf will be compatible with New Horizons.

    It seems that many of us gals have pre-ordered and anxiously await the official release.

    Let's discuss here!


    Thank you @soratami for the amazing spreadsheet!
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  2. Can't wait to go back to work on March 23rd with my new Animal Crossing pre-order tote bag.

  3. Finally a thread for fags
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  4. Can't wait to afford a house in at least one of my lives.
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  5. I hope i'll get at least one good villager since its only two at the very beginning.
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  6. Same. I'm really curious who my first two will be. I hope I don't end up getting like an eagle and a rhino (unless it's Merengue).
  7. So do you just not get any of these preorder bonuses if you purchase a digital copy from a retailer? I'm really confused about that and a little disappointed if that's how it works. I see you get a 7-day trial of Switch Online from Nintendo but that's not much use since I already subscribe.

    A little bummed, since flying to Japan the morning it comes out pretty much forces me into the digital version.

    EDIT: Speaking of, for those who buy new releases digitally, do they even update with the download at midnight or are they really going to plop it on the eShop later that day while I'm mid-flight?
  8. So, if you pre-order right now, you can pre-load the game and it'll unlock the day it comes out that way you can play it.
  9. Yes Animal Crossing hunties! My hype levels are through the roof, holy crap.
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  10. Yas I'm so excited to devote hundreds more hours of my life to paying off that capitalist ghoul Tom Nook.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Why the fuck did I just delete my folder of bookmarked QR codes....LAST WEEK?!
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  12. I've never played Animal Crossing before but seeing all the hype surrounding this, I'm debating if to just jump in and get it
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  13. Can we be cheesy and start this thread off by everyone sharing their favorite villager and a photo of them? :)
  14. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member


    I literally told her I was bi before my parents sksks
  15. [​IMG]

    Honestly he made me a furry when I played Wild World as a kid tbh
  16. If they were for designer clothes for peak faggotry then you’re in luck!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Oh my god, they weren't but this is EVERYTHING. They were mostly fantasy "inspired" looks and paths I tried to implement, but they needed more than 10 slots, so thankfully that's not needed anymore.
  18. I became an Animal Crossing fan simply by purchasing Wild World for DS on a whim. I was 12 and my dad didn’t know what to get me for Christmas so he just gave me some money and said buy whatever game you want. I have no idea why but @eliminathan and I both decided to grab the game with no knowledge on it at all. Clearly we have no regrets because we’ve bought every version since (including the original on Gamecube after we played the DS version).

    I say jumping in and trying it is the way to go! Maybe play it for a week and if it’s not to your taste return it to the store.
  19. Hi. Haven't played Animal Crossing since the DS version, aka one of the videogames I played the most ever. But once I move into an appartement, I'll get a Switch and buy this new one. Your stanning in the other thread was worth it!
  20. Queen Goldie was one of the first 3 villagers I had in my first AC game (Wild World). We’ve been stanning ever since. She’s so nice and friendly and also she looks absolutely adorable. And now she’s had a popularity glow up and became one of the Cover girls for Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, even getting a second look where she has a new amiibo card with a hat à la Malibu Stacy. We love that for her!

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