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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Does anyone have an extra shell-bed recipe or would craft me a shell bed? <3 that´d be amazing
  2. Nook after giving me a phone and then handing me the bill for it

  3. My roommate plays on my switch and I didn't realize she takes up a space an animal could have... Boo.
    She also caught ALL the rare March fish...

    Meanwhile begging me to progress the story in the game. Gurl... Might be time to buy your own switch
  4. Pretty sure this isn't the case. You can have 10 villagers regardless of how many playable characters you have on your island.
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  5. Rjfs inability to put a look together makes me yell
  6. Which one of you dragged my hair dddddd
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  7. Are you able to visit people’s islands early on? I wanna join in
  8. Pretty sure that was @Butterfly dd
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  9. DDDDD - I'm sorry.

    After the horror stories about RJF's island I assumed it was him.
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  10. You can do it on your second in-game day.
  11. After your first day you can. If you're desperate you can just skip to the next day but yeah, it's not that long to wait.
  12. my turnip price today since I fell asleep before 8am and woke up at noon is 109 nn
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  13. Ah okay, thanks
  14. Any other southern hemisphere hunnies here? Or anyone caught a Great Purple Emperor? This guide I saw said that it leaves in March but I STILL haven't found one. I've found every single other bug and fish leaving in March except that one.
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  15. Visiting someone's island and just saw Nook's Laden

  16. It's a scream how so many of your titles are either Messy ______ or ______ Trash. I just had Messy Trash, Messy Clown, Messy Crybaby and Inexperienced Trash in my island ddd
  17. Who?

  18. Wait someone gave Sylvia a new outfit...
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  19. turnips shot up to 142 bells after update. could get a spike later this week but its on track for a random trend so i went ahead on sold at a profit. i play safe DX
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