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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. I just spent an obnoxious amount of time fishing in @Harmonia's Cape God - thanks again.

    It took me like 12 hours but my mortgage is paid. The next one is 1.258M and I already feel overwhelmed.
  2. Delivery now expected...Wednesday 1st - Thursday 2nd April.

    I’m DONE.
  3. Why does Orville always have to remind you that you have a Nook Miles ticket. Like yes sis, I have 5. Let me use them.
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  4. When the villager you kicked off your island a while back shows up on the mystery island you visit and has the nerve to pretend they don't know who you are...

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  5. After catching a wasp just before it stings me in the face (all 5000 times):
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  6. Turnip prices 36

    What kind of Great Depression
  7. Daisy Mae and ha tricksy insider trading ways ruined us all. She knew those turnips were gonna be worthless!
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  8. Villagers do randomly move into them, and from my experience, pretty quickly. I built three plots in one day, then went island hopping to find a new villager. When I couldn't find one I liked I gave up and the next day someone moved in to a house, so I desperately searched again until I found Aurora and brought her over. Aurora moved in the next day, and the day after, the last plot was taken over by a hideous bloke called Rooney.

    In three days all three plots were gone I didn't even have time to get my amiibo villager ddd.

    I already forgot how I got amiibo access but I think it was after one of my extra plots was taken over. So it might have to do with getting a villager on a plot then you can use an amiibo for the others?
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  9. You get amiibo access after your first villager moves in from the campsite.
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  10. Spent an hour wishing on stars during the meteor shower to fulfill the 200 requirement for Nook Miles. Do I get star fragments tomorrow or something?
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  11. XXX


    Well so of course karma strikes and my first campsite villager is Klaus.
  12. Yeah you'll find them scattered along the beach.
  13. Well there's no way the game is going to scatter 200 fragments across my beach so I guess I fucked that up.
  14. I'm scared to play my game because today is the day Limberg will move in officially. A nightmare.
  15. Looking at the prices of these re-sale Amiibo cards and... no thanks.

    There are apparently ways to create them at home so I suppose I will have to look into that.
  16. Nn, wait you can't actually buy the cards anymore?

    Nintendo LOVE money, I can't believe they haven't reissued them.
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  17. I think you still can? And I am interested in getting some regardless, it just seems the chance of getting my *favourite* villagers is rather low and buying them individually second hand is like £10+ per card.
  18. Mabel's shop and the Town Hall are finally open.
  19. RJF


    It takes FIVE FUCKING DAYS for non-native fruit to grow back? Are they fucking KIDDING? Is there nothing in this game that takes less than a day to respawn? Fuck OFF.
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