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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

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    Celeste is in my town for the first time but I don't understand this wishing star thing. Am I really gonna have to look up into the sky for minutes just to wait if something happens? 'Cause that ain't happening...
  2. No, you'll hear a sparkle effect, that's when you need to look up. Then press A to make a wish. They normally fall in clusters. So after the first one, stay looking and usually a few seconds later 2-3 more will fall in quick succession.
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    Ugh thank you!! I read multiple sites and looked up videos but none of them mentioned this.
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  4. Celeste appearing isn't a guarantee you'll get the shooting stars, either. It has to be a clear sky, and even then they may take a while to appear, if at all. If you're lazy like me, just wait until a day when a villager mentions there'll be a meteor shower that night. I think Tom Nook or Isabelle may also mention it in the daily announcement.
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  5. Hi! I threw my code in the spreadsheet. What's in demand, so I know to keep an eye out? (I will contribute literally anything to offload these 3,000 turnips for a profit!)
  6. The only thing that's really "in demand" is iron nuggets for early-game. I think star fragments are kind of rare too because I only got a handful despite wishing on 200 stars last night ddd.
  7. Does getting QR codes require linking your game to a phone app?
  8. How do I get this cute little pin board?

  9. Drag race found canceled
  10. Girls I have over 500 peaches in storage after my harvest, who's shop is open?
  11. I just need a few to get me started.
  12. Yeah, you want to download the Nintendo Switch Online app for your phone. It also lets you use your phone to chat when you're on other people's islands.
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  13. ddd I can give you a stack if you'd like. I'm looking for a place to sell a bunch right now if your shop is open.
  14. Phoebe sings (?) in the middle of the plaza. Me-o-me-wa-que-o-me...

    Gurl its 11pm. I've clapped though. She's giving me presents all the time.
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  15. kevin hart discussing Dwayne Johnson
  16. [​IMG]
  17. That’s not what your Grindr history says
  18. Tbh not since I was underaged

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  19. Wait
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  20. 9 friends online playing Animal Crossing and no one has their gates open

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