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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Are u fishing at the right place? I read it’s only available in rivers, clifftop (so highest level) and shadow size medium (3).
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    I don't think it's necessarily highest level, just not the lowest one.
  3. 5AM is THE one. 2PM and 3PM are the worst thing ever.
    shadow size 3? Well fuck me then.
  4. It’s the middle one isn’t it? Same size as the cherry salmon. Or so I’ve read.
  5. Yes. This is what I’m doing. Every damn Saturday night.
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  6. Clifftop can mean level 2 as well, you don’t have to be at the highest level. I think it’s because a ton of fish are the same size at the same time in the same place (dace, cherry salmon, char, golden trout). I just got lucky - it even took me a while to get my first cherry salmon!
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    What furniture have you guys placed in your zen area? I'm looking for good ones that fit but maybe I don't have them yet.
  8. I haven’t created a zen area, but things like the outdoor bath and bamboo DIYs, as well as imperials furniture might be good.
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  9. You don’t compare when you can’t compete~
  10. This is mine! Needs a little updating but anything bamboo works, I’ve also seen some cool sand custom designs used instead of stone or wood. Just do you!
  11. I’ve also decided all I ever wanted is the Moon diy and I cant rest until I have it!
  12. Wow y'all weren't kidding about the 5 a.m. music.

    This is gorgeous.
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    I do have the outdoor bath and I'm trying to make more bamboo things now. Thanks for the imperials furniture tip, I hadn't thought of that. Guess I'm gonna have to rob Soleil since her place is full of it.
  14. The sun has just started rising too and it looks so beautiful in game.
  15. Cherry Blossom viewing lantern, paper lantern, the hearth, zen cushions, tea table, hearth, all the garden stones, mossy stone, zen stone, stone lantern, all the bamboo items, stone dog statue... there’s quite a few cool items!
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  16. Is the dialogue in this game far more limited than in previous games or am I just imagining it? It might just be that my hours in this game have been a tad more concentrated than with previous games but I don't recall it ever feeling so pointless to talk to people.

    It's pretty much just been "Holy shit did you went fishing yesterday!" for a while now and I'm pretty bored with everyone telling me what I've been up to recently. I'd love them to beef up the dialogue in an update.
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  17. I just got another DIY recipe for the Stone Lion-Dog statue.
  18. Speaking of music, have you all visited Nook's Cranny between 9 and 10 PM?!

  19. XXX


    And none of them in my possession yet


  20. There is quite a lot of dialogue in the game, I'm pretty sure more than in previous games since villagers react to and comment on pretty much everything. I think villagers are programmed to talk about what you did the previous day when you talk to them for the first time each day, so that dialogue in specific gets repeated a lot, but if you talk to them more times each day there's a lot more variety.
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