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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. I had a GENIOUS idea today, I've turned an area into a... Flea Market! Where I've placed all mismatched furniture and items, even clothes I don't want / need. Isabella found tutting.
  2. That feeling when a blind person has a more thoughtful island design than you do:

    Seriously, though, the sound design in this game is fantastic. Sometimes I like to just chill on a beach chair and listen to the sound of the ocean or the rustling leaves.
  3. What’s the vibe with the golden watering can? Does it still break orrrr?
  4. I heard it still breaks. It's why it remains unmade ddd.
    Also I hate watering my plants.
  5. I’ve had my market for about a month, remodelled today. The stuff flies off the stalls when people come over!
  6. I kinda want to make a 'Flea Market' sign for it but not sure how.
  7. I’m getting lowkey addicted to Time Traveling to have the possibility to have someone leave.

    Hello! Let’s PM to figure out a time that works.
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  8. Let me know when you're around and I'll get it to you.

    I've decided I just... hate custom paths. I've removed all of mine for normal pathing
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  9. Same here, except for paths over sand because it looks odd without.

    EDIT: If an Animal Crossing Rate was ever held, either of these would probably get my 11...

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  10. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    Is anyone else having issues with ridiculously long loading screens? It’s like the Sims 4 again.
  11. Isabelle: Today we say goodbye to May!

    Me: 'oh now which villager is that'
  12. Yeah I'm not a fan either. The way the cancel the sound effects from other paths if you lay them on top of those sucks. I just hope they had a wider variety of paths soon, or at least colour variations for the ones we already have.
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  13. Also the fact they take up so much space in the pattern folder. Why cant you just... rotate designs??
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  14. Yay new fish and bugs since tommorow we have new month. There's quite a bunch of them too. Emperor butterfly return aswell. I wonder if they will be as common as they were in March
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  15. Yay my Cranny came through today, low imperial table in red, LCD Screen (20"), magnetic knife wall set, doggy food bowl and fortune telling set (perfect for my fairground area).

    If anyone wants any of the above let me know.

    @LostBoy do you still need the red locker? Sorry I forgot.
  16. Daisy May is selling turnips for 90 each. At least that isnt too bad this time
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  17. XXX


    I'm not playing turnip games no more.

    16 milly in the bank and I ain't gotta compete with a single soul


    But I did buy a set of 10 nips so Daisy Mae will send me the bamboo shoots and I can let it rot and finally catch a fly.
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  18. My turnips are 105 each.

    Cranny today has a red double sofa, a pink ring (ha - I’m such a child), a white drying rack, a kettle and a red stand mixer.

    Able Sisters have the firefighter uniform, zap helmet, HMD, rounded beard.
  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member


    I've bought half as many turnips as I did last week. An inventory's worth plus a few extras. As long as I can sell the majority for a decent profit I'm fine with only making a small amount on the rest. Last week was too many.
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