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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Excuse you, but I have stated many times that Flora is my absolute favorite! My flamingo pop star queen!
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  2. Speaking of Ava, I thought I'd be amusing to change her catchphrase to "psycho"... and now 3 or 4 days later half my villagers are saying it

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  3. I changed Phoebe's catchphrase to "sis" and now Phoebe, Whitney, Peanut, and Pekoe all call me sis. *Charli XCX voice* you can't fuck with my clique.
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  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Agnes calls me kupo, for a Final Fantasy vibe. I eagerly await other villagers asking me for custom nicknames other than "rambler".
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  5. XXX


    Does anyone know if I can already find a new villager on a mystery island tomorrow when Leonardo is in boxes or do I have to wait until he's completely gone? Guess I can just try it out but I'm feeling stingy and don't want to waste a NMT tomorrow nn.
  6. you have to wait till he´s gone
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  7. Finally caught that golden trout.

    Also after Cyrano moves out yesterday, I had Cheri visit the camp today but she said she didn’t want to move to my island and now I’m sad.
  8. Are we ready to put our OCD skills to the test next month to take pictures for heart crystals so we can collect wedding decorations?
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  9. XXX


    Keep harassing her. Most of them say no initially.
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  10. When I was taking a villager from another players island the lot had to be empty, may be different for Nook islands though.
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  11. 70B34570-9CDF-4064-8F6F-00EE7CB744EB.jpeg 0F6CE812-F3D2-4C5D-89D8-92483CA5FEE7.jpeg
    FDF9F2DB-98FA-4225-8C93-A1479EBAB224.jpeg 65F7CD49-4493-4D8F-AAE7-5C7FDF500B8A.jpeg 101B12CC-CD1B-4BC5-83E5-34393F84F00A.jpeg

    So after weeks of getting compliments about my colourful sweater that I’m wearing that I got from Flo, the times have changed...


    I did wear the pants she gifted me and Julian immediately complimented those, but she dragged me for the sweater, yas

    i’m living for her rainy outfits.
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  12. Keep talking to her. A few villagers need to be “convinced” through continuous interaction.
  13. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    A villager gave me clothing once and when I put it on he told me I should change up my style.
  14. A villager once gave me clothing that said "reminded him of me" and it was a thieves costume
  15. My shop has extra item spaces! The weeds have changed! My hydrangeas are starting to bloom!!
  16. I caught my first shark! We stan June
  17. Bugs on trees!!! I really missed that. Well, I guess there was the moth but that wasn't the same.

    The weeds are different which is cool. This is new to New Horizons isn't it?

    New music for the new seasons would have been cool too.

    Harvey can bloody wait. Also, his island is called Photopia, while mine is called Utopia. I'm creeped out by that.

    Cheri just wouldn't say yes to me last night, and so I wake up to find out that Roscoe is moving in instead. WHO THE FUCK IS ROSCOE I'VE NEVER INTERACTED WITH THIS ONE IN MY LIFE?! Julian is my horse villager. I do not want Roscoe. I wanted Cheri.

    I've just heard the Mario one up ditty. It was played really slow but I definitely heard it. Was it CJ? He was near me. I'm not feeling extremely paranoid that I'm hearing things.

    I just got the golden slingshot recipe which was nice.

    Cranny's has an extra item in the bottom left corner of the shop. What's that about? It's a blue striped surfboard.

    Speaking of, they also have an orange toolbox, a shaved-ice maker, a pink diner sofa, a pennant and a blue corner (boxing ring).

    Turnips are only 71 bells.
  18. I have a plain wooden shop sign DIY and a cutting board DIY spare. Who wants them? @Seventeen Days I'm still holding one for you
  19. I'm online right now if I can get that cutting board!

    I literally was throwing bait in the water until 11:59 PM trying to get that fucking golden trout. Stupid evil little fish. At least I have already caught fireflies, mosquitoes, tilapia and suckerfish. Bring on June.
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  20. Give me like thirty minutes and I'll PM you a dodo, all I ask is you water my garden on the right!
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