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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Surfboard yas!
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  2. @Lost Boy's island, wow. I'm NOT worthy.


    Thanks again for the cuttting board! Also got the bamboo candlestick from Claudia.
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  3. XXX


    Fresh water fish > salt water fish. Don't let anybody tell you any different.

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  4. Thank you! I've been going between loving and hating it, ddd. I just wish my beaches were built better!
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  5. Has anyone got the little wobbly hula girl they can send me?
  6. Wait, this wedding event is kind of fun? There's actually incentive to do it every day, unlike the Stamp Day event, because you get the wedding series furniture piece by piece. And it's actually pretty fun to do, it reminds me of Happy Home Designer. I'd love for them to add in the Happy Home Academy as somewhere you can work and design villager houses.
  7. A month to collect like 6 wedding items though......
  8. I thought it was quite fun too. I do hope there's some variety each day and it's not basically the same thing every day.

    Being able to to sell stuff or send it to your storage through the dodos is a really nice addition to the game too.
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  9. Turning Harvey’s island into a Happy Home designer lite with the incentive of cool items like the ones in Pocket Camp is 100% the way to go.
  10. Redd has fakes of the Quaint Painting, Jolly Painting and Mystic Statue if anyone wants to swing by and buy them today!
  11. I’m glad everyone is liking the June additions. I’ve been perched for them since the datamine.

    Is everyone’s first item a surfboard? I’ve only seen two items: surfboard and a fan in the sixth spot.
  12. It's more than just the 6 initial items! You gradually unlock more as you play. Reese will also give you bonus items for completing photos on certain days. For example, you unlock the wedding table on the second day for trading. Reese will give you a photo plate on the sixth day which cannot be received through trading hearts. There's more info here.

    It's not exactly the same, the theme will change between cute, chic, and garden.
  13. XXX


    Reese dragged me for the bare-boned decoration of the scene.

    Making Cyrus sound like an illiterate farmer (at least in the Dutch version) is a choice...

    I got a wedding bench.
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  14. I forgot how much I missed these two. I need to open up their amiibo and see if I can snag their poster.
  15. This will be my first ever visit to Harv’s Island I’m excited! I am NOT happy that my azaleas are out of season now though so if Leif is on anyone’s island please let me know!
  16. Judy moved in! Now I have 3 snooty queens.
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  17. I finally got Bianca to ask to move! $UCCE$$!

    I just hope I can snag one of the two remaining villagers I want.
  18. The Wedding event is super cute but why couldn’t I add my villagers to the photoshoot? How depressing is a one guest wedding.
    Must be dependent on what hemisphere your island is because my item was a heater ddd
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  19. Ooh I need this!
  20. I can send you the green one via mail if you want. Unfortunately, I don't have the silver one.

    I'm hoping beyond hope that Cyrus and Reese get their shop back so we can customize non-DIY furniture ourselves. It sucks when you finally get the item you've been waiting for show up at Cranny's, only for it to be the worst color possible. And I think ruby/sapphire/etc. furniture would look gorgeous in this game.
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