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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. I’ve been asking for the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerlad/Amethyst ores you make a return since the game came out but seems I was the only one who wants them.
  2. Has anyone got a decent flower guide because.... I swear mine are sprouting off colours that are not on the charts I've found. I mean, it's fun but I'll never have green mums at this rate.
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  3. Just caught some fresh tilapia.


    You're not on my list of people that I can send stuff to directly from the Nook Shopping catalogue. If you really want, let me know and I can open my gates.
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  4. XXX


    Am I correct in thinking that since the Oarfish's demise only the sea bass and olive flounder can spawn from big shadows? Aka I can ignore the shadows and will never have to catch either again.
  5. In the sea? I think the Giant Trevally and Mahi Mahi are still very large shadows but only by the pier.
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  6. XXX


    Oh yeah I meant in the sea and away from the pier! Thanks!
  7. Has anyone had to delete the downloaded version of the digital game and reinstall? Will I lose my island entirely? The crashing is becoming more frequent
  8. Redd is in town and selling a real Academic Painting, which I already have in my museum. If anyone wants to come over and buy it, let me know. Please don't buy any of the other paintings, though.

    The way this game handles genetics is wild. I hope you have a degree in advanced genetics:

    So it looks like you have to breed red+yellow from seeds to get "hybrid yellow." Then you breed two "hybrid yellows" to get a chance at green or "special purple" (which you can breed two of to also get green). What makes it tricky is that there's no way to tell the difference between a normal yellow and a hybrid yellow (or normal purple and special purple) from appearance alone. A lot of the guides say purple+purple = green, but purples derived from white+white can't be used to get green. They seemingly must be special purples.

    I think for best results, grow red and yellow (from seeds) next to each other, when new yellows pop up those are guaranteed to be hybrid yellow. Isolate those hybrids and grow them next to each other until you get purples from them. Then you can use those purples for green.
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  9. I caught both of these yesterday dd. After spending half an hour making the island I was sent to scorpion friendly I realised this was not that kind of girl and started fishing and caught them one after the other.
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  10. I would love to come and buy the Academic Painting if possible??
  11. Sure!

    I also have the Hibiscus surfboard in my shop if anyone's looking for that particular variation. Closed for now, but I can order extra if anyone wants.
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  12. Thank you! On my way!!
  13. Caught the whale shark ddd.
  14. The only fish I still need are the tuna and the blob headed goldfish.
  15. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I went to Phil's house and he told me to go and talk to Mac, who was there when I arrived. Mac is sitting on the toilet reading. I feel like I've walked in on an overly comfortable gay couple.
  16. You guys the fireflies are SO CUTE! Obsessed.
  17. I figured out how to fix my game and it hasn't crashed! I had to move the game data off the SD card onto the Switch itself. The thought of losing everything was nauseating
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  18. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I figured the time was right for Chromaticagnes to make her debut.
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  19. The handmade crown is ADORABLE
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  20. Isabelle is dragging me for the number of duplicate DIYs I have littering my island, so please let me know if you want any of these:

    -peach umbrella x2
    -gold helmet
    -wooden mosaic wall
    -stone lion-dog
    -cherry dress
    -light bamboo rug
    -western-style stone
    -bone doorplate
    -rustic stone wall
    -bamboo bench
    -light bamboo rug
    -wooden toolbox
    -log extra-long sofa
    -bamboo partition
    -log bench
    -water pump
    -cherry umbrella
    -log garden lounge
    -bamboo wand
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