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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Can I have the extra long log sofa and bamboo bench?
  2. XXX


    Whew shark season is MONEY season. Just sold a bunch of sharks and expensive new fresh water fish to the rats for 135k. Who knew we were so deprived of this these past few months, scraping by with red snappers and the occasional tarantula?

    The fireflies are so cute at night. And they are only available in June? The true elusive animaleuse.
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  3. I'd like the stone lion-dog, gold helmet, wooden toolbox and rustic stone wall please.
  4. I find the DIY furniture so... troglodytic?
    Gimme those store-bought shiny plastic goods.
  5. Okay the wedding event really is a slay. Today you have to create their wedding reception and it's so cute.
    Of course! I'll message you both when I open my gates later today.

  6. I am a child but also I LOVE the statues
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  7. [​IMG]

    The way this lifted my spirits.
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  8. So whaty surfboard does everyone else have? I have the blue stripes one.

    Turnip prices aren't going to get much higher than 134 for me sadly. So if anyone gets a good price please do shout.

    Cranny has nothing worthwhile in today.

    Able's have the military uniform in, the chic tuxedo dress and ninja costume.

    I NEED FOSSILS! After about three weeks of not getting a fossil that I've not already donated to Blathers, do any of you have the following:
    • Archelon (i need whatever the back end is called)
    • Megacerops skull
    I have loads of spares to swap if anybody also needs anything (link in signature).

    Oh, and Saharah is here with a brown shaggy rug, ivory medium round mat, and a blue small round mat.
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  9. Could I get the Bamboo Partition if it's still available, currently working on a little zen garden and it would go so well!
  10. Military uniform I need!
  11. I have a rollercoaster pattern so Imma need the Popjustice crew to get something high and visit...
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  12. Just caught Great White Shark and it’s the biggest fish I’ve seen in this game so far dd. I also caught Dorado yas

  13. My scruff bios.
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  14. Get yourself a game that does all the games.
  15. I swear to god I’ve waited so long for Redd, if he doesn’t turn up with statues!!!
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  16. I sold my nips for 580 at a Dutch community, sorry PJ crew, you all can rot.
    just kidding of course.
    I'll share the exchage link when it opens up tonight for all

    10mil in the bank what am I gonna do now?
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  17. They have white, red, green and blue. Do you want all of them?
  18. Just a tip, don't wait until the end of the month to spend your heart crystals! You can only buy a max of 8 items a day and waiting could prevent you from getting everything
  19. Green please!
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  20. I've got an extra Archelon tail. My friend code is SW-2745-3643-0800
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