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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Thank you! Friend request sent. Is there anything I've got that you need? There's lists and lists linked to in my signature.
  2. I could use the acoustic guitar, orange umbrella, and orange rug DIYs. My gate is open, check out the Nook's Cranny area for random DIYs and extras you can take.
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  3. I think I'm on my way!
  4. The heart crystals are allowing me to live out my true Sailor Moon fantasy!

    Moon cosmic power, MAKE UP!
  5. Does anyone have any good turnip prices today?
  6. Welp, I found so many good ones in my search for Raymond but alas I did not get the precious “stinky cat” (as a hater lovingly called him) but ended up with Julian.
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  7. Not me finding a bunch of Summer DIY cards already and making myself a queer as hell shell wand
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  8. Is it possible for villagers to take outfits from other villagers that may have gotten them from villagers that came from other people's islands?

    Aurora... had her titties out and I know my brother didn't have that design in his town where I got Aurora from.


    I haven't seen any other villager wearing this, so it could be Maggie giving it to me from @Mr Blonde's town, or that random cow my cousin gave me that came from a town she just interacted with...
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  9. Oh my God hqhahsggdisnakavdn
  10. Somehow I just know Rachel and/or Laura are to blame.
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  13. Fhdjsjs oh my god. I barely spoke to Maggie and definitely didn't give her that.
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  14. Sold mine to this lovely girl on Twitter:

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  15. Can anyone send me an Ironwood dresser please so I can make a cupboard?
  16. ALSO one of my villagers said they were going to move and I said yes but they've just... not? Can that happen?
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  17. It appears Zucker has come to visit my island. How popular is he online? (i.e. Should I have him move on and then sell him?)

    I fucking hate myself for supporting capitalism like this.
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  18. Yes.

    or try give him to @Vasilios
  19. I'll mail you one when I get home!
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  20. I've got shooting stars coming down if anyone fancies popping over in the next 20 minutes or so?
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