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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Sent!
  2. You're a babe! Thanks.
  3. Can I have the GONG please
  4. Please can I get the street piano?
  5. What fishing items do you have? @soratami
  6. I've never actually used it so I'm not certain it would work (ddd), but does "request cleanup" clear away trees and flowers or only furniture and items? Being able to clear and flatten an entire area sounds too good to be true so probably not.

    You could always hire people to help clean up.
  7. Yup, I sent it a while back.

    Sure, I'm not playing right now but I'll send it a bit later.

    The ones I have to give away are the cooler, the wand, the rug, the wallpaper, both bags and the umbrella, if I recall correctly.
  8. Me gifting all my villagers potted ivy for the 4th day in a row
  9. Did they change the way sick villagers work in the last patch? They used to stay home the whole day even after you gave them medicine, but I noticed Reneigh was out and about today, despite being sick earlier.
  10. Catching all the rare summer beetles is such a struggle. I've tried for quite a bit over the last three days, and I'm still missing three of them.
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  11. i didn’t see a single one until I made them spawn on an island tour. Even then it took me about 2 hours to catch them. I still don’t even have the scarab!
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  12. XXX


    It was a bit of a hassle for me but not too much. Perhaps stating the obvious but do you know that two of them only appear from 11 pm until early morning? And that amost all of the rare ones only spawn on coconut trees?
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  13. Yesterday i've catched Giraffe Stag which was the final new one i was missing. It was indeed a hassle. I would recommend taking at least two coconut trees of your own when going on a tour. Plant them so that you have at least three coconut trees on each side of the beach and get rid of every other tree, stump and flower (bamboo island is the best for this). Also run around to scare off other bugs that spawn on the ground such as hermit crabs. 5pm till morning.

    Scarab and Giant stag are diferent so to catch them just search for them on your home island after 11pm. I didnt have that much trouble with these since they appear on regular trees
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  14. I don't think I even saw most of them once before I started actively searching for them. They definitely seem to be a bit too rare.

    Yeah, I know, I've got both of the late night ones already at least, but I'm still missing the golden, giraffe and Hercules ones.

    I've been trying to catch them in mystery islands too, to increase spawn rates, and bringing your own palm trees is definitely a good idea. I'll try that today.

    I do wish the tropical island from New Leaf was in this game. It was a lot more enjoyable, and faster, to hunt the beetles there than to have to go through all this hassle.
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  15. XXX


    I'm getting tired of having to dig up fossils every day until the end of time, when the museum section is 100% completed. Fix it Nintendo or reduce the spawn rate after completion.
  16. You can always just ignore them dd. There is a challenge for identifying like 500 fossils in the museum, and they can also be a nice source of extra bells, so I really don't see the spawn rate ever being reduced. I just dig up any I happen to run into, but I don't go out of my way to dig them all up every day.
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  17. I've left four for ages and just never bothered getting them.
  18. I stopped ignoring fossils once I completed my museum about two months ago. There's one fossil in a high-up area that I cannot physically access that has been there for ages. I'm just going to leave it there forever.
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  19. My museum is still missing one so I still have a daily struggle. I finally caught the giant isopod. Took long.
  20. Just ignore them? You don’t need to dig them up and for those of us not in the Stalk Market bullshit, they’re a decent source of bells.
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