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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I did yes! It's very odd
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  2. That is weird. Maybe we was laying behind one of the big rocks or the pier and you didn't see him?
  3. XXX


    Did you have a different NPC at the island today? Considering there's only one each day (with the exception of evening spawns like Celeste and Wisp) knowing if a different one was on the island eliminates the chance Gulliver was somewhere and you left him for dead.

    (Yes, we want to get to the bottom of this)
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  4. Tasha is moving to my island... can’t wait to make her phrase Tasha Salad
  5. If we're still doing Dream Addresses:


    I'm still not sure of the area at the back.
    I was going for an open aired archaeologic museum something or other, but that little Donald Duck looking bugger won't give me a pyramid no matter how many parts I scavenge for him. So it's a Mish mash of mess.
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  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I looked literally everywhere. He usually shows up in the same space but I combed every corner of every beach. So strange!

    Maybe Agnes is broken. The other day she asked how my friend Matt was, even though he was standing in her house at the time.
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  7. I have the following spare recipes:

    Bamboo drum
    Bamboo stopblock
    Cabin wall
    Gold armor
    Golden arowana model
    Log bench
    Pond stone
    Shell partition
    Shell wreath x2
    Standard umbrella stand
    Tall garden rock
    Trophy case
    Underwater flooring
    Wooden-block chest

    If anyone wants any of them please let me know, otherwise I'll just sell them.
  8. XXX


    Of course Isabelle announced a meteor shower for tonight when I'm about to go on a trip for a few days. It will also be Celeste's first visit since the new zodiac sign.

    Now I'm doubting if I should bring my Switch after all.
  9. I often find Celeste shows up unannounced.
  10. Ever since the update changed the likelihood of NPC, Celeste has been visiting my island weekly on Mondays or Tuesdays
  11. Celeste visits islands with and without a meteor shower, though when there is a meteor shower she will always be there. This is regardless of any other NPCs visiting, like Saharah or Reds.
  12. I’ve only had one meteor shower since the beginning of the game. I get random nights of shooting stars though.
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  13. She gave me Crescent Moon chair recipe yesterday. Its really cute
  14. upload_2020-8-5_21-29-57.gif
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  15. Does anyone have the white pool and want to trade for a grey one?

  16. The second best selling Switch game of all time in only 4 months... the fact that it hasn’t even had a discounted holiday sale yet. I think if they knock off 15% for Christmas it’ll absolutely destroy Mario Kart.
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  17. I've been looking for it too for a while. I guess we'll have to search it up Nookazon.
  18. I’ll have a look when I get home, I think I have the white one but don’t take my word for it.
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