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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Can I get it ?
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  2. Sure. A bit later today, as I'd like to finish a download first.

    Speaking of Redd, I'm currently missing the following six artworks:

    Proper painting
    Warm painting
    Wild painting (left half)
    Wild painting (right half)

    Gallant statue
    Motherly statue

    If anyone ever has any of them available on their island, please let me know!
  3. XXX


    Evening hoochies and hoes. I've got a meteor shower going on, announced by Madame 'Belle herself. I'll happily open my gates upon request for some last minute Virgo fragment hunting.
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  4. I'm hoping news of the fall update arrive tomorrow, anxious to see it!
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  5. Can I still stop by?
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  6. Are you still going to be available in a few hours? Which time zone are you in?
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    Nn I kind of want to go to bed soon. But Hazzie is coming as I'm typing so one more won't do any harm. LPKP1
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  8. Oh I won't be home for another hour or 2 so don't worry about me then, I won't keep you. Thank you in any case!
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    Oh oops I thought your first message said few minutes instead of hours. I definitely won't be up then. But I have spare Virgo fragments in case you need them.
  10. Had a villager singing in the middle of the plaza with two other villagers sitting down watching. Never seen that before

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  11. Me two months ago: boy im so looking forward to this fall update in August, I cant wait to get the cafe, vegetables, farming, brewster and more!

    me at the end of September:
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  12. There was a mention on the Canadian website that the next update is “right around the corner” and it referenced Halloween, so I figure we’ll get some more news on October 1st.
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    It better not be a quick lil' trashy Halloween update with Redd the scammer selling us pumpkins we need a big one.
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  14. Nah it’ll be the classic Jack and scaring villagers to give you candy.
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  15. Woo! I hope they bring back the Halloween outfits. Def Gonna dust off the cart for October then.

    I’ve had that happen. It’s so sweet when it does. Usually it’s Kyle but Sherb gets the most when he does it ddd.
  16. Redd is here again with some fakes (beautiful statue, wild thing, and another) and a real twinkling painting which I already got, so if anyone wants it - |I can open up for the coming 4 hours or so, so PM me, as it's still available!
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  17. Does anyone have a poster of Phil, Rex, Lopez or Elvis? I’m trying to do a Hall of Fame in my house for all the villagers that have ever lived on my island but I didn’t manage to get theirs before they left.
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    Let me ask the same for Elise, Klaus, and Flo. I'm doing the same thing.
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  19. Hey, I was wondering if anyone might have all the variations of the item cardboard box and if I could catalogue them so I can order them from my own nook store? Would anyone also be interested in a catalogue party?
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