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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Met Wisp and got a cute wallpaper from him.

    Spotted a shooting star and made a wish.

    Also scouted my 4th villager. Zucker the occtopus!
  2. So I bought this on a whim after my brother recommended it after never playing it before. I’m fucking hooked.

    Pierce lives on my island and he’s definitely a gym gay who likes to go cruising the beach at night. He’s always wandering around. Sylvia has all the gossip and I just encountered Wisp who is definitely that messy gay who lives for the drama.
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  3. Oooh lucky! I love Zucker!

    I met Wisp tonight and he gave me the ugliest party dress. I don’t trust him.
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  4. I spent 10 minutes finding the last piece of Wisp's spirit only to find it near where I began and... I don't even remember what I got.

    Still looking for Daisy.

    Also if anyone has Apples, Cherries or Pears and needs Peaches let me know. I'll have Oranges on my island soon but the trees have to grow.
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  5. I love Papi. The only thing he talks about is food and nature. So relatable.

    I'm really happy with the way my house looks right now. The customisation tool has opened up the furniture choices so much.
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  6. some ugly ass SHEEP and ANTEATER are my first villagers...?

    edit: and pears? discostang! i restarted.

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  7. I think my internet died before I said bye lol @aux but thanks for having me sis x
    I have apples and pears and need peaches!
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  8. I'll trade you but have no idea how multiplayer works ddd
  9. Open your purse gate x
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  10. aux


    Always welcome to come visit me, especially if you call me an internet clown again xx

  11. I figured it out, the floodgates have been opened.

    edit: nevermind I'm getting connection errors.
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  12. Ddd that might have been @OspreyQueen passport title I was having a kii at.

    But if the shoe fits...

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  13. aux


    FFF, you have no idea how hard I laughed at "internet clown" thinking it was about my Robyn shrine akssmmslmc
  14. Miss Agnes sitting by a tree drinking her daily can of G&T. We have no choice but to stan the Diane Abbott of Lushbay.
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  15. Me talking to Isabelle when she finally decides to come and stunt on my village

  16. Have to pick a spot for Able Sisters now ffs

  17. Whew miss Tarantula really is iconic. Not only knocking my ass out when I'm not fast enough with the net, but also overcrowding my island and helping me pay off my house remodel loan in no time.
  18. Me figuring out how to send chat messages long after people leave my island

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  19. Me using the iPhone app to post chats

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