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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Closing up, thanks for coming and happy belated birthday!
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  2. On my way!
  3. Murphy lived in my island for literally two days (I never even got to see his interior decoration) back in May. I'm screaming that he would turn up in someone else's island all these months later, and only to be swiftly replaced again.
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    The Turkey Day Event is a lot of fun. I liked having to gather the ingredients. When's a good moment to tell Franklin I'm not really a lover of seafood tho. I'm glad there's the option of trading ingredients with villagers as I had eradicated all pumpkins from the island.

    What I don't like about this event or other events in this game (like fishing or bug tournaments) is that there's not really much input from your villagers. Where's the sense of community? It would be more fun if they would at least pretend that the villagers are also out looking for extra ingredients.
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  5. How do I trade with these motherfuckers, I need a green pumpkin but they just keep yammering on about clam chowder

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    You can only trade with the ones who are at home cooking.
  7. I actually felt the villagers were pretty involved in this event, given they were also cooking and traded ingredients with you, and the way the ones in the plaza were all super excited for the food was quite cute too. I really enjoying this event, and the furniture you get looks very nice too.
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  8. Yeah, the turkey day flooring is pretty great. When I displayed it in my house I had to double check to make sure it was actually the one I meant to put down. It's really evergreen.
  9. It is snowing today! Cool.

    I have a spare mush wall recipe, anyone who needs it?

    I can't seem to catch a char, I'm fishing for medium fish in the highest river (level 3 which I my highest) and don't have any luck.
    I tried with bait, but no use. Any tips?
  10. It's not snowing on my island... have I done something wrong?
  11. Now wait... I haven't seen these or anything else new in my store
  12. These are for Toy Day I think, seems like they've found a way to skip through to it.
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    No, it's not snowing on my island either. I think it's only snowing now when it's supposed to be raining. The snow won't stick to the ground until mid December.
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  14. The game shines when it's foggy, gosh. I just wish I could turn the music down/off and fully get into it!
  15. Quite a few of the guides have incorrect information on it. It's a bit unique in that its active hours change throughout the year. From March-June it only appears from 9PM-9AM, but in Sep-Dec it can appear at any time of the day. There's a fish spawn spreadsheet that shows their current spawn rate is 2% from 9AM-4PM, but only 1% during other times, so your best bet would be to try during the mornings. Also, clifftop fish can appear on level 2 as well.
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  16. There's a real flowery painting for sale in my island today, does anyone want it?
  17. Not only do I want it. I need it. I'm dying for it
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  18. Alright, can you stop by now? I'll open gates in like 5 minutes.
  19. I'll let someone else grab it. I am too tired to boot up the game ddd
  20. Mess. Well, if someone else wants to grab it sometime in the next next 2 or 3 hours let me know.
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