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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Thanks again for art, Sleet! I've had crazy bad luck the last few Redd appearances with repeat after repeat, so this really helps to fill out my museum. Lovely island, too. I'm totally stealing those heart paths. xx

    Happy Xmas!
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  2. Someone convince me not to get a Switch and this in January sales when I’m buying a house, PLEASE...
  3. XXX


    You're spending so much money on a house.. Surely the Switch is nice bonus x. Treat yourself!
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  4. tea


    I just caught a spider pushing a snowball into the wall...
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  5. Ok but I’ll need the Animal Crossing edition.
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  6. It was / is widely available in Europe now again since 4th of December (also UK).
    Get it, it's beautiful. And waiting for a rumored 2020 edition is just not worth it.
  7. adz


    yeah, I ended up doubling up on the Halloween event while I’m here with only 2/3 of the snowflake items.
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  8. I swear, if Timmy and Tommy don't start cracking on selling some sofas in normal colors soon. In other news, I just realized today that the Imperial furniture set comes in multiple colors, and I need one of every piece in black immediately k thanks.
  9. The only I have in black is the Imperial dining chair and dining lantern. I kept getting the others in brown. -_______-
  10. Wait the imperial furniture set comes in colours other than red??
  11. XXX


    I got a spare ornament wreath DIY I can send to whoever is interested.
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  12. Capricorn season starts today, and there's a meteor shower in my island tonight, and Celeste is also there, so if anyone wants to stop by and get the Capricorn DIY and a few fragments, I'll be opening my gates in like 5 minutes.
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  13. XXX


    My body is ready.
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  14. Two perfect snowboys in a row, baby.
  15. I'm on like 15 flop ones in a row.
    What is the secret? I feel like I follow the above eyes / below eyes guideline but it never works.
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  16. Do the 10 step path one instead, thats the only way I can do it. Basically roll them both to full size, roll one over 10 blocks of brick or stone and put then together
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  17. Doesn't that result in both being huge or is the head ball never getting as big as the body?
  18. Yeah the head is basically a smidge smaller but I've found using this that its such a fucking miniscule difference. Literally 9 steps is SO CLOSE! but 10 steps is perfect. No leeway
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  19. XXX


    When you roll a snowball over a path it loses snow and size. That's why you gotta get them both as big as possible then work from there. It's worked perfectly for me about 4/5 days now.
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  20. Ooh.
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