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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. I’ve sent the latter two, first one was another hiccup between want list getting sorted there too.
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  2. No worries! Thank you for sending the fountain and bench.
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  3. Ratlantis would love the fruit basket and cardboard bed please
  4. I'll send the fruit basket, I don't have the cardboard bed.
  5. My spirit animal Snowboy
  6. Don't forget the winter fishing tournament is today! Should be the last one for everyone who didn't miss the three last year.
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  7. I need to remember the next time they announce the fishing tourney to start stocking up on clam shells. Looks like I’d already got all the items from CJ because he’s giving me things I’ve already got. And I didn’t realise the your points accumulate because he said I had 300 points so I’m expecting my gold trophy in the post tomorrow.
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  8. I got my Dodo airlines bag, very fast, and it is a cute bag.
  9. I know some people consider Sunday be the start of the week, but I thought Isabelle was better than that.

    Finally got a five star rating on my island. It’s taken an awful lot of work!
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  10. This queen just moved in.


  11. Roald moved out and Bam moved in.


    I’m going to throw my recipe card things away as they’re taking too much space up in my house. Here’s a list of what I’ve got, let me know you want one:

    Apple chair
    Bamboo doll
    Bamboo stool x2
    Bamboo wand
    Basket pack
    Beekeeper’s hive
    Cabin wall
    Cherry wall
    Chocolate herringbone wall
    Coconut wall planter
    Fruit basket
    Garden rock TOO LATE
    Giant teddy bear
    Golden wall
    Grass standee
    Holiday candle
    Iron frame
    Iron wall rack TOO LATE
    Ironwood clock x2
    Ironwood dresser x2
    Jail bars
    Knight’s helmet TOO LATE
    Knitted-grass backpack
    Light bamboo rug x2
    Log bed
    Log chair
    Log round table
    Manga-library wall TOO LATE
    Medium cardboard boxes
    Mossy garden rock
    Mum cushion
    Music stand
    Natural garden chair
    Natural square table
    Orange rug
    Palm-tree lamp
    Peach wall
    Pear dress
    Pear dresser
    Pear wardrobe
    Pile of zen cushions TOO LATE
    Plain wooden shop sign
    Sauna heater x3
    Shell bed
    Shell fountain
    Shell wreath
    Shellfish pochette x2
    Simple DIY workbench x3
    Starry-sands flooring
    Steel-frame wall
    Stone table
    Tea table TOO LATE
    Timber doorplate
    Tiny library
    Tree’s bounty big tree
    Underwater flooring x2
    Wild-wood wall
    Wooden bookshelf TOO LATE
    Wooden table
    Wooden table mirror
    Wooden-block stool x2
    Wooden-mosaic wall

    Yes, I’m a hoarder.

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  12. I'm looking to complete my DIYs and you have a lot I still need @roblognick
    Can I get the garden rock, iron wall rack, knights helmet, Manga-library wall, Medium cardboard boxes, Natural square table, Pile of zen cushions, Tea table and Wooden bookshelf? Hehe...
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  13. I saw some cute heart patterned sweaters in the clothing shop yesterday. I can't wait to see what they do for Valentine's Day this year
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  14. I hope they release the Animal Crossing update in the last week of January and put out a trailer next week or so?
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  15. Today i had a falling snow wall recipe out of a balloon and i crafted it and its just gorgeous.
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  16. I ran out of Nook tickets so Jambette is moving in today. Honestly she's hideous but I stan. Basically all my villagers are gay freaks and Soleil is the resident hag.

    I'll probably dump Apple or Raddle next. I'm on the hunt for Bud, Wade, and Reneigh, so let me know if y'all are getting rid of any of them. Bud needs to manage my island's agriculture.

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  17. Celeste is here with a heavy star shower. If anyone wants to make a few wishes and visit my island, come! Free DIYs on the beach
    Update: closed.

    Where’s Laura and Rachel at?
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  18. I've just started this, thinking it was some kids game which I'd be able to walk my way through.
    Now I've read the last ten pages of this thread. I'm concerned.
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  19. 521 pages in less than a year. A moment!
  20. Sis, you don't know pain until you've spent 8 hours shooting down balloons and start to hear whooshing in your sleep.
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