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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Redd is on my island and all 4 works of art are fake. The RPG for art is really dumb
  2. He did this to me the other week. Time travel to tomorrow and then come back - Redd will have different wares to sell. I know it’s a ball ache but it’s at least a way to try and get something!
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  3. Anyone else get their Day 300 stamp yesterday? I can't believe it's already been that long. I do wonder what Nintendo will do to keep people playing another year, though. I've already caught all of the fish and bugs, and only have 2 underwater creatures left, so my daily playtime has decreased a lot. A store upgrade and more furniture would be nice, but I wonder if they'll add new holiday events during year 2, or just recycle the same ones from last year (not necessarily a bad thing for people who missed them).

    Oh, damn, I just realized I haven't really started breeding flowers yet. It'll probably take me another year to get a blue rose. And my art collection is still only half done, so I guess there's still plenty to look forward to!
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  4. XXX


    Al's house be looking like a gym and he's not even a jock.

  5. My original villager Billy moved out a while ago and i've invited Hazel and her uni-wow because i needed sisterly type to finally get all reactions but now....please ask to leave.

    And yesterday Teddy was camping so i've wanted him to move in since he's my favourite jock but he asked for Roald to move out and...i had to agree.
    If i'll ever find Roald on a mystery island i'll invite him once again
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  6. Teddy is iconic though, he’s my absolute favourite.
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  7. Always get this vibe when I see Hazel.

  8. Judy moved in replacing poor Hans (who when I went to visit the bish was already in boxes!).

    Between her, Julian, Ankha, and Diana I think I have a chance to snag Raymond.
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  9. This demonic queen will be leaving my island tomorrow, if anyone wants her:


    I do like her, but she seemed to ask to leave every other week, so I figured I'd just let her go. Hoping I manage to get Judy as a replacement.
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  10. She looks like a female Julian but a downgrade.

    When are we giving shows?

    Also, I need the update.
  11. I've decided to redo vast swathes of my island and stress. There is just not enough items at all.

    Can anyone please send me a park clock (not brown), utility pole (without the sticker) and any variation of the construction sign without Resetti?
  12. Some people are just too damn talented.

    This link - It's Reddit so it won't autoplay if I e
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  13. Sis, if you have a Raymond lemme know because I’ll lock Judy out of her home for you in exchange dddd.
  14. So it turns out I had a campsite visitor the day Naomi left, so now not one, but two absolute legends will be joining my island




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  15. Aww congrats! Lemme know in my PMs if you’re actually down to Villager swap. If not, it’s all good.
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  16. I can! Just teach me how to send. I have black clocks and no sticker poles. (nn that doesn't sound right, but I'm not changing it)
  17. Have you visited me before? If so you just have to order them and send via the mail in the airport! Otherwise its a come over and drop off job! Especially your pole.
  18. I'll PM!
  19. Thanks! I'm going to keep him though. Raymond and Judy are both villagers I wanted, so not really up for trading one for the other. Not to mention it might be a bit complicated to set a villager swap since I don't time travel. But if Judy ever wants to leave or you ever want to get rid of her, let me know!
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  20. No problem!
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