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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. I believe you'll be able to customize the festivale furniture at Nook's using feathers you caught on Festivale. The heart-shaped bouquet and box of chocolates are also different every day in Nook Shopping, so if you want the various colors... just check it daily
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  2. This new queen has been using the apps too. She’s now on my island and replaced Wolfgang.

    76370E24-A617-4D6B-BFC8-9F651FECF2E7.jpeg F02B57CC-4B1D-4CFD-92CD-376EFBC9AEC9.jpeg
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  3. As much as I like the game, it is literally unplayable once you have a certain amount of items down. No wonder they're not adding more furniture.
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  4. Yes, some of your islands makes my Switch CHUG.
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  5. I just moved the game from MicroSD to internal storage and while it certainly didn't get rid of it it helped massively. Still the game should not run this bad...
  6. Okay I haven't played this in like a couple months what do I need to know girlies

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  7. I'm so happy I got the Animal Crossing Switch edition and sold my old one, now the digital game and not having to switch cartridges is a blessing.
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  8. XXX


    Derwin is moving in and he's honestly so adorable

  9. I went to the IKEA island and oh my gosh, it was a chore to get round because it lagged so much.
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  10. Does anyone have any partitions or screens they send me?
  11. What are you looking for? I can order simple panels and I think the brown imperial screen, I can also make you shell partitions, frozen partitions and bamboo partitions. I'm sure there probably more!
  12. I think it's the simple panel I was thinking of as you can design that how you like can't you? I do have them to order myself but I'd forgotten what they were called so couldn't find them anywhere! Thanks very much though.
  13. I love islands with custom roads, and the Evermore picture! Love!
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  14. We really need an upgrade to Nook's. I wish the store had at least one chair type item, one bed time item, one table type item in stock every day.

    EDIT: Also I can't get Nook Link to scan my own images in for patterns. I did it once with Kylie album covers so I don't know why I can't do it now.
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  15. This annoying little bastard moved onto my island this week.


    I may have to buy some Amiibo cards for the sole purpose of kicking his ass out.
  16. We need cooking, more permanent shops, a good way to get all the Cherry Blossom receipes without farming for days, Cherry Blossom event to be longer, house storage upgrade, the game to run faster, a secondary island, a way to move Resident Services, a better online experience, ceiling decorations, more furniture, models for sea creatures and something else cute.
  17. Don't forget villagers with actual personalities and interactions.
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  18. Can someone send me barrels please? I have blue, green and damaged.
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  19. They really need to bring back the original temperaments of the villagers, it made them seem like “real” neighbors.
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  20. I need to be read for filth for my fashion flops by Label or that giraffe from previous series, never gonna happen tho.

    also I need anything else datamined to be implemented with the new update too.

    and updates to remain free.
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