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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Does anyone please have a spare orange pansy they wouldn’t mind me having? I’ve built a little garden with all the different flowers and I’ve discovered that that’s the only one I’m missing!
  2. I'll likely be getting rid of Marina in the next week or two. Her or Apple. If anyone is interested. Just need to get some more Nook Miles so I can ensure a good Mystery Island find.
  3. Celia finally asked me to leave but I had to keep her ass because I don't have time to island hop and find Julian this week. I have 400K Nook Miles and I'm ready to spend an entire day
  4. XXX


    She really is a pest. I want her out as well.
  5. I'm downloading this hellish game again

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  6. This island probably runs at 3fps but I love this game

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  7. Thanks for posting! I hate to be reminded I share a birthday with this ugly thing though

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  8. All these damn wikia pictures have never worked for me and I'm too lazy to change the url to fix it every time, so just check it yourself!

    ->> Remove everything behind .png
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  9. Do you still need one? I have some extras that grew in during a snowstorm, and would be happy to share.

    Also, after less than a week with royal pain Axel, gracious queen Reneigh rolled into my campsite and kicked his whonking ass to the curb. Thanks sis!

  10. Logged in this morning and all my weeds have blossomed - how pretty is this?!
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  11. Funny that something as stupid as weeds are one of my favourite things about this AC. They add so much variety though.
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  12. I wish it was easier to move buildings just a few tiles my GOD. The fact you have to move it twice just to shift it a bit is infuriating, and the bells!!

    Oh my god I've JUST made a bamboo garden too. Love this!
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  13. That’s very kind but I managed to get some from Mistral a few days back! Thank you though.
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  14. Although I didn't really like this game and quickly abandoned it, some of the character models are still so cute and on point.
  15. Spent a the last two nights trying to find a sea pig. Not found one yet. Made a good few hundred thousand bells though.
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  16. This is stunning! How do you get tall weeds to grow out/blossom though? I planted a load months ago and they never seem to grow.
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  17. I got my Mario edition Nintendo Switch today and let me tell you that transferring my island was a nerve wracking experience. I did it though, and my 375 hours of gameplay is safe. But I was scared for a moment because during the transfer process your user is wiped from the old system and you can't open the transfer tool up. I just had to log back in though.

    Do you mean the bamboo? You get those from the other islands you pay to visit or from Daisy Mae for buying turnips. They should grow anywhere.

    If you mean the weeds, I cultivated that area (i.e. just let them grow and sprout on their own) over several weeks. I used a fence to stop them from spreading further than I wanted, but they'll spread pretty quick. As for the purple and yellow flowers, they just sprouted, I didn't do anything special to them. Perhaps there being so many so close together has helped?
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  18. Thanks! I mean the weeds. They sprout differently depending on the season. But I planted a whole bunch across my island a long time ago and only a few ever sprouted. I'm not sure what causes some to sprout and some not to. I googled it a while ago and couldn't find much on that. I have planted a lot of weeds though so many only a certain amount are able to sprout per island?
  19. Weeds change with the season/internal clock, so I think the flowers are part of the transition to spring. They change when I time travel a few days forward.
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