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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. I’m this close to selling / burning my cartridge. It’s been A YEAR and still no goddamn substantial update. No store upgrades. No new shops. This is the emptiest AC game. I’m so pressed!!!
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  2. I'm sure we'll get a big update on the game's one year anniversary, there's still a month left though. I guess it makes sense they'd save a bunch of stuff for that update rather than releasing it bit by bit in the preceding months.
  3. I'm not expecting anything, but fortunately this is my first AC game so I'm fine running around and decorating my island.
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  4. This is my first AC game as well, and sometimes I watch videos of the old ones and they look literally magical. Wouldn't mind if they just released those on the switch
  5. The Mario update will also include some regional holidays (items, not events), too.
    Honestly, even as someone who isn’t the biggest Mario fan, the Mario items look pretty damn cool. The fact that you can actually interact with them is awesome. Now roll on a big anniversary update in March with Brewster and Katrina!

    EDIT: Reading the Japanese website, there's a little more info:
    • In order to warp, you need to place two or more pipes somewhere on the island. If there are two or more warp destinations, the warp destination will be decided at random. If there is no landing space at the warp destination, you cannot warp. You can also warp to the pipe placed in the player's house on the island.
    • For St Patrick's Day, you can order "Shamrock Soda", "Shamrock Door Plate" and "Shamrock Rug" from Nook Shopping or at the Cranny. Clothes related to Sham Rock Day will be available at the Able Sisters during the same period.
    • There's a "Pin Badge Challenge" starting from March 10th. By visiting "Ninten Island" from 14:00 on March 10th (Wednesday) to 23:59 on March 24th (Wednesday), you can apply for a lottery to receive Mario's original pin badge. [Dream address: DA-6382-1459-4417]
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  6. Hmm, it's a bit empty update indeed as I'm not a big fan of Mario to have it in this game. But some of the items are cute. The warp pipe could be useful for some. I'd love to go on a few dream islands and see cool Mario things they'd make. Hope the anniversary update has more.

  7. I need the little green mug NOW
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  8. What kind of habbo hotel teleporters
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  10. Same here. I haven't played this since July. It's so lifeless. Previous AC instalments had me coming back for years but I cannot be arsed with New Horizons anymore.
  11. I find the warp pipe so exciting. You can warp into your house from the otherside of the island! Amazing! I loved collecting the Mario items in New Leaf. You best believe there will be some insane islands made with these items.

    Love the girls day items by the way, if they’re anything like the ones in New Leaf. By the way I’m so happy with how they’re handling these regional holiday items because in New Leaf they were locked to your region only. They were a nightmare to get unless you hacked or had something amazing to trade.
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  12. Yes! Being from Europe was the worst because we had the least holidays out of everyone.

    And yeah, I can imagine some really cool islands being made with this stuff, especially the floating Mario blocks. Now if we could only have some way of making wallls...
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  13. I decided to re-start my island and it's so nice playing again from the beginning, knowing what to avoid from past mistakes and taking it a bit slower this time. But the first villagers I have are...not it.
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  14. Quillson in my campsite argh I hate this game.
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  15. Fauna keeps requesting to leave so I let her go this week. She was cute and I made a lovely little farmstead for her, but alas it was not meant to be (and I didn't get her photo wah). I tried touring some islands but kept running into the same villagers(?!) or folks I already had. Let's see what was waiting for me in the queue ddd........

    Edit: oh it's a rat apparently

    Also does anyone have a spare Festivale stage they're looking to get rid of?
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    I have loads of stages! I have a rainbow or a red if you want.
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  17. If he ever wants to move I'll keep you posted!

    Rainbow works. Thank you so much!
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  18. Can you remind me where to send it to please? If I have you
  19. My island is Fhloston. I think I've visited you before my if not my code is in the spreadsheet (I don't have access to my Switch rn to check myself).
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  20. A localized Manga is coming in September, looks cute.
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