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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

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    I was fuming after the Direct, partly because I don't care about Mario but also because I thought we'd have substantial updates by now. Getting a Mario update is just not what this girl needs.

    Nn conveniently I got a heavy meteor shower on the first day of the new sign again but I haven't located Celeste yet. She must be here!
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  2. What will Celeste give out once you have all the space/wand/Zodiac recipes? The fragments you need for that month?
  3. If any of you huns are bored my dream address is 4364-0172-5394. It’s still New Year’s Eve eve!
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. The detail. I-
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  6. She gives either five regular star fragments, one large star fragment or one current Zodiac fragment.
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  7. The blinding white snow is finally gone this week yes GOD.
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  8. I had two friends help me with cleaning up my island which was so overrun with flowers. Thank god.

    This cracked me up.
  9. Did I boot Marina for this butch queen?


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  10. I'm looking forward to this ddd. I liked how the snow transformed my island... for like 3 weeks. Then I was kinda over it. I miss the more dynamic weather too.
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  11. I've been doing a major terraforming project on my entire island aaaand I'm finally seeing results! It's slowly coming together. My island is still 90% mess with garbage strewn everywhere and houses in awkward places but my vision is coming into focus.

    I have to eat alone at work so I just end up playing acnh or reading nn.
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  12. Galaxy brain: warp pipe in your home next to a crafting table, second warp pipe in your pocket.
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  13. Am I the only one who never made his own DIY workbench because it would kinda ruin my aesthetic? I still use Tom Nook's snnsnsn.
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  14. Celia is in boxes today on my Island, I finally found another villager through my campsite to replace her. If anyone wants her let me know!
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    I can't relate but I love this dedication.
  16. Between the various types and colours of DIY workbenches there are it isn't really that hard to find one to fit most places I think. Only using the one in Resident Services seems like a massive pain nn
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  17. At least you get applause.mp3 for everything, which is very welcome when you craft 40 fish baits. Genius!
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  18. There's a meteor shower in my island right now and Celeste's giving the Pisces lamp DIY. Gate's open if anyone wants to stop by.
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