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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. dd I took that exact same photo, except a bit more zoomed in. Iconic trio.
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  3. I love this game.
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  4. My basic ass in a pink heart sweater with ripped jeans and Uggs dd
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  5. XXX


    Lol I'm wearing that exact outfit + a knitted hat. F4g3ts unite.
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  6. XXX


    Why is there still snow when it's 19 degrees nn.

    I like the snow but 2 months of it is too much.
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  7. Is the update tomorrow when the snow starts to melt?
  8. Hey girls, does anyone have experience selling villagers? What's the best place to advertise (Nookazon or is there a better subreddit?) and what are folks realistically trading villagers for? I see on Nookazon some villagers go for hundreds of NMTs which seems like an inflated figure (and insanely tedious). I have a few villagers I've had for awhile that I don't mind moving away now, and I'm strapped for bells nn. Scammer Nook is bleeding me dry with these construction costs.
  9. I used Nookazon to get Judy and it went without a hitch, I think she cost me 400Nmt. Probably the easiest way.
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  10. XXX


    I have so many millions in the bank (33 to be exact) that I'll never use, from the early days when we used to stock up on turnips and sell at each other's islands. I'd happily donate if anybody needs some. But I also understand if that wouldn't feel rewarding.

    (Wish I could say this irl)
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  11. Celia finally asked me again today to leave so I can be rid of her at last. Time to use my 400K Nook Miles to island hop
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