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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Okay, but what about Punchy and Walker? They’re adorable.
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  2. Not a fan of Punchy, but I had Walker in Wild World & New Leaf, so I'm trying to broaden my horizons.
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  3. This might be a dumb question, but is there a way to find out a creator/design code from a custom design you've saved? I saved a top corner of a hot spring to my custom designs before upgrading, and now that I've upgraded I can't find the other pieces
  4. Could anyone send me two stacks of apples PLEASE I want to make apple stools
  5. Have we any idea what this is going to look like?
  6. Could someone send me some cardboard boxes? My campsite visitor today is asking for a cardboard table, and I have no way of getting the four cardboard boxes needed to make that myself.
  7. Are those not in the Resident Services in the box?
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  8. I think one can appear there after a villager moves out, but that's it.
  9. Mine is always full of cardboard boxes, like 15 in there all the time no?
  10. I sent you two.

    One box appears in resident services when someone moves out.

    Someone please send me apples
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  11. Thanks! Just need two more. I'll send you some apples.
  12. I sent you one as well, will send another one now.
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  13. I sent you two just there! If you feel like sending some Sanrio goodness my way go right ahead lol
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  14. Thanks guys! I got the four now.

    I can definitely send some Sanrio stuff but it's easier if you let me know what you're after because there's a lot.
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  15. I can send you 3-6 (depending on if my second tree is fruiting yet nn).
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  17. Scream! I thought it was in-game furniture, but it’s physical teddy bears, right?
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  18. Randomly found out I was missing a cherry-blossom wallpaper and then the first ballon I pop after Easter, it is the last cherry-blossom DIY recipe I was looking for. So glad I got them all now. It's so pretty, sad it's only that short... But OK.

    Finally gonna renovate my island here and there and move some stuff around. It's been too long and I am creating a bar.
    I'll get my hands on the Sanrio cards in one and a half week - can't wait!
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  19. I'm so jealous! I've been constantly checking the Nintendo UK store for restocks since last week despite the fact that I don't really want any of the villagers or know how I'll use the items.

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  20. Yup. And here I am, queuing - like the clown that I am.

    EDIT: It’s literally just Tom and Isabelle. I-

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