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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. GAG pocket camp has a full on water slide while the switch version is out here shilling old costumes as new

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  2. Why won't they just add stuff like that to New Horizons????
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  3. What's that? You want a wedding bell?

    Have a wedding bell!
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  4. Ursala is in boxes today. In case anybody wants her.
  5. XXX


    Maybe I should play pocket camp instead.
  6. Does anyone have access to the brown lighthouse and/or the white rattan chair and side table I could buy?
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  8. The best content of 2021:
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  9. [​IMG]

    Kind of here for this to be honest.
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  10. I only have the red one.

    I did send you white rattan chair and tables, not sure which one is the side table....
  11. Ladies, she's made it to the elite!

  12. I may have asked this already but have they changed the mechanics in the data for Celeste? She's almost never at my island anymore despite being semi regular and I've not had shooting stars for ages. She came on Thursday night while Flick was also visiting my island so I thought I'd travel back tonight to see her and get another recipe and despite checking my island several times in every nook and cranny (reference), she wasn't there but Flick still was.
  13. Apparently there's going to be some sort of update soon, as there aren't any Nook Shopping seasonal items queued after July 15th, and the 2021 August fireworks shows haven't been added to the game yet either. Granted that if it's like the last update it'll just be 2021 versions of 2020 events plus a new seasonal item here and there, but hopefully it'll be more than that... time to put my Pietro make-up back on again

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  14. To be honest im still playing every day but feel more and more bored with the game.
  15. I expect three hats and a plant
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  16. I usually play a bit most days, but haven't played for a long period in quite a while. Currently trying to collect all the big Flick/CJ models to use as decorations for my museum area, so I always have to check who's the daily visitor at least. If we're not getting a proper update, I hope there's another storage expansion soon at least, it's annoying to constantly run out of space, especially when you collect all the seasonal/limited items, which all end up taking a ton of space.
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  17. Spiritfarer gives me the feelings I wanted from Animal Crossing, but I'll probably be done with it soon :(
  18. XXX


    I visited a random dream island for the first time in eons and all the villagers there were cats nn.

    It was also one of those islands that give you inferiority complex. I'm used to being transported to trash heaps!
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  19. Honestly, as soon as I reached 5 stars I felt like I had "won" and quit playing regularly. Waiting on the updates that aren't coming feels pointless.

    Also, I'm having more fun playing Pocket Camp now.
  20. I have the beautiful statue in redds today if anyone needs it. Im also nearing completing on my island whew!
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