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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. They really listened to us oh my fucking god
  2. Whew, they really said

  3. About damned time
  4. I rolled my eyes at Gyroids cause I never liked them... but they've made them so cute now.
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  5. Some of this stuff is so fucking iconic.
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  6. These basic quality of life updates and yet I'm SCREAMING!!!
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  7. Wait, that blue bunny was new??
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  8. WHOMP wait that's why it's so big, this is the last free update
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  9. Them making a point to say last FREE update.

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  10. Torn between hating paid DLC and

  11. Cmon paid DLC!
  12. Ok if the DLC is just Happy Home Designer, which they sold as an individual game, then I can let that slide.
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  13. Okay but let me do this outside editing on my own island please!!!
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  14. Me helping these twat animals at the resort.

  16. OK they've got me on this Happy Home Designer DLC! The free stuff was cute, but this is going to suck me in, drain my soul and root me to the sofa. The level of customisation! It's a dream come true!
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  17. THAT GOAT IS A QUEENN. These new villager they're just sneaking in!
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  18. Happy home designer is kind of boring to me but I'm not going to be mad at them actually creating new things for New Horizons
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  19. I need Niko and Petri NOW.
  20. I am obsessed with Sasha & Shino...
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