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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Honestly, today's update has been amazing. Do I still wish we were getting a little more space on our island? Yes, but that's by the by considering what we're getting!
  2. I'm gagging girls but, to have played the game without feels so empty. It looks great but I'll probably be done with designing after 5 or so we'll see!
  3. Villagers popping by my house unannounced

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  4. I’m kind of overwhelmed, the narrator barely paused for breath haha! Such an amazing update my mind is boggling with the amount of options we have now! I feel like I wanna tear my island down again…
  5. Wow, that's a lot of new stuff, Nintendo won! I can't wait to redesign my cute villagers' ugly houses!
    Still, where's the shop upgrade?
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  6. Well, looks like we're never getting that ddd. But having the various NPCs set up shop in Harv's island makes up for it I think.
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  7. This what I thought would happen, so imagine how shook I was at 7 AM when they were done with Brewster in one minute and wouldn't stop presenting updates. I lost my wig in the covers
  8. Also the ordinances are back!
  9. I want him to actually get an amiibo figure.
  10. I screamed out loud so many times. I loooooved Happy Home Designer and never dreamed they'd bring it back. And having it as part of the base game as paid DLC is just so ideal.

    My only minor disappointments are no store upgrades (though that may be moot with the Harv's Island upgrade) and no new room sizes. I was really hoping for 10x10 rooms.

    And was anyone else super gagged when they showed off Spike and Static as "roommates"? Gonna ship so many villagers together.
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  11. It was such a Coded moment.

    Boy, they really saved the best for last didn't they? Even if this is the last major free update, I hope they consider paid DLC. I would gladly pay to keep this game fun and interesting.
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  13. I have zero design skills so I didn't really care for the DLC, but I am rewatching the reveal video and now and I'm sold. This looks like the perfect past-time, and dare I say a bit more exciting than the base game? These two compliment each other so well, they were so smart to do this and not have the whole team stop for Splatoon. If they ever release a Santa's workshop DLC I will cry.

    The Maxis team has a lot to learn from this.
  14. Haha, people are losing their minds that froggy chair is back!
  15. Even our own homes too though? That's what I'm mostly interested in.
  16. Yep, if I interpreted it correctly you’ll slowly learn new decoration techniques by decorating vacation homes and you can apply them to your own homes as you learn them. And you’ll be able to unlock re-doing residents home.
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  17. Perfect, I can't wait - this is how you do DLC to be honest.
  18. I can’t wait to be able to redecorate Teddy’s house - he’s my original villager and his house never progressed and I want him to have the best life.
  19. I love everything they showed, I can't wait to redecorate the island.

    Also, Nintendo has already confirmed Happy Home Paradise is also the last (and only) paid DLC update.
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