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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Another iconic squirrel and goat, yesssss. Need Ione and Shino on my island right now.
  2. This was so much... i loved everything! I suppose they leave Gracie and shop update for the paid update
  3. The new items in this screen grab alone have me so excited!

  4. Me, but with Cherry. The funny thing is that the last time, I was actually thinking about letting her leave next time she'd bring it up because I was really over her basic ass house. Now I'm glad she's still on my island and I'll be able to give her the home she deserves.

    Same goes for Tom, who is one of my favourite villagers ever and who I actually invited via Amiibo, but his New Horizons house is just so damn ugly. He deserves better!
  5. That's a bit of shame, I thought maybe we'd get another big DLC late next year or something, but oh well. The stuff we're getting in November is going to keep me busy for a looong while anyway.

    Anyway, one thing I love about Happy Home Paradise is that it'll be a way to get to "get back" all those villagers I had to kick off from my island, it'll be cool having all my past and present island residents there. From what I understand there are 48 usable plots (it's a 7x7 grid, and I imagine you can use every square except the middle one, which is the base), so that's space for a lot of different villagers, especially if you can have two per plot.
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  6. Wait, so there will be no more free or paid updates? Thats a bit weird considreing they havent said anything about shop upgrade or Gracie and her exclusive items. I suppose there's a chance they havent revealed everything but that be a tiny bummer.
  7. They do say "major" updates, so I wouldn't be surprised if you still get updates here and there with new furniture, items, events, and potentially some shop upgrades, but nothing probably related to mechanics of the game
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  8. I just noticed like 10 minutes ago the old Amiibo card sets have been restocked! Have been since last month apparently. I just grabbed two of each of the sets, plus the legit Sanrio cards (since I'd been using fanmade ones), in preparation for the DLC/before they sell out again.
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  9. Living for this!
  10. I hope jamming is the way the villagers are dancing. It looks that way at least. I wanted this for so long. And sounds? Such a nice touch. I wish we could turn off the music in the overworld and just enjoy the ambient sounds
  11. Shit I just realized if amiibo cards are coming back I didn't get rid of Raymond on time and now he'll be WORTHLESS ugghhgfjdshsjs

    More plants yes god! And the mini greenhouse and floral cooler are such neat additions. Already brainstorming a garden centre for spring.
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  12. I haven’t played since February but I’m ready to sink my life and all my money into this stupid game again.
  13. Ran to Target on a whim tonight, and found a rack FULL of Sanrio amiibo cards.

    It's a good day to be an Animal Crossing stan.
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  14. I want the Sherb card so I can kick him off my island and invite him back with his correct house interior, not the musty wood one they give your first 3 villagers you invite.
  15. Actually, since you'll be able to remodel your villagers' houses with the DLC, you can probably just do that instead of kicking him out and inviting him again. That's what I'm planning to do with my starting villagers.
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  16. Now Raymond is worthless I’m probably going to ditch him for Sasha. I do like him, but I’m kinda bored now.
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  17. I am still gagging.
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  18. Not me opening my island again and having EVERYTHING.
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  19. If anyone doesn’t want Raymond I will gladly take him off your hands. I figure the amiibo cards are gonna be gone quick for the first 6 months.
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