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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Something something just like PopJustice.

    But why the hell is Monique there? She's iconic.
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  2. Monique is incredible, she's on my island and I adore her.
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  3. Jambette is truly one of the ugliest effing things in the world. Monique doesn't deserve to be on that list, she's very high fashion.
  4. I let Monique go last week because character development I already had two other snooty characters and honestly?

  5. The only three there I think are properly ugly are Al, Barold and Limberg, the rest either look fine (Jitters, Monique) or have that ugly cute vibe (Jambette, Cashmere). Villagers with "facial hair" are the absolute worst.
  6. Monique is ugly but she’s not THAT ugly. Same with Jitters and Jambette. There’s a few others I’d say are uglier (for example: Rilla & Rodney) but I wouldn’t make an “ugly” island.

    Barold, I have a soft spot for him but he is hideous.
  7. The fact that Moose isn't on here and Monique is... is a travesty.
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  8. Me in 2011:

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  9. XXX


    Why are there only birds villagers on your island.
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  10. Birdemic!
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  11. I need to pick this game back up and get some good villagers, I want to boot half the ones I have but I need to figure out how I do it.

    My favourite is Clyde, he regularly drags the other villagers and the “clip clawp” is high camp.
  12. Get some amiibo cards!
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  13. These amiibo packs are burning me out y’all, I’m just missing two I really want but I’m almost done with the series one of them is in. It’s… lost it’s novelty at this point ddd.

    I have no idea what to do with all these duplicates honestly.

  14. [​IMG]

    the creator is just something else. the quality, the storylines, the depth. wew.
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  15. That's so cool. I'd definitely buy it if they did an English version (which I highly doubt will happen).
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  16. I feel like an English version is likely once the general community catches wind of this and starts campaigning for it. Probably won’t be for another year though.
  17. Did you know that if you talk to Isabelle about a villager's house, you can get your starter villagers their proper houses (rather than basic ones they get due to being the first to join your island)? This was added in the 2.0 patch, but it somehow completely passed me by, only just found out about it. I still have three of my starter villagers, so it's great being able to get them their "correct" houses after all this time.
  18. Oh! I love this!
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