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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Sure, I'll send two today and the other one tomorrow. I'm pretty certain I got the right ones, but please me know I accidentally send any fakes.
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  2. I spend more time watching memes than playing this game I guess.

  3. It's a very minor thing but I do like how Nintendo has been releasing new AC avatar elements every month, it's fun to collect your favourite villagers and whatnot.
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  4. XXX


    Did you send it to the right person? I haven't received anything yet nn.
  5. It actually slipped my mind, but I think someone else sent two of the artworks, and I sent the third one earlier today.
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  6. XXX


    Did I forget that I wouldn't be able to receive my mail in Animal Crossing if I didn't have an online subscription and falsely accuse people of sending it to the wrong person? yes

    Did I exchange my five years of saving on gold coins for a measly 1 euro and 8 cents and used some exchange I still had on my account for a 30 day subscription to get access to the mail? yes

    Did I also overlook one piece of art and am I still missing the great statue? Yes

    But thank you so much @soratami and @Sleet for helping me get to near completion!


    Also some irrelevant bonus pictures that I thought were cute:

  7. Hah, I did wonder if you had reset your island and that wasn't why you hadn't gotten the mail, but that makes sense. I didn't know you needed a subscription for the mail to work. I'm pretty sure I have some spare great statues, so I can send one later.
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  8. Oh wow, I didn’t think the subscription is required to get mail but I guess it makes sense. Still kinda shitty though.
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    Marshal and Ketchup honestly look too cute for Halloween:


    Sorry Elise, you will never not be ugly.
  10. Me: I miss this game.

    Also me: I don't feel like playing it.
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  11. same, but I’m already saving up so I can take 3-6 months off work whenever the next game comes out.
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  12. I have to constantly fight the urge to buy amiibo cards, I can’t stop…
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  13. Since I’ve started playing again, and going through some horrors right now, I’ve started just opening it up, walking to the shop and then leaving it on idle and maybe coming back to it a day later.
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  14. I feel this but since I got most of the Villagers I want out of S5, and that’s all that’s being restocked here, I am not diving in. I just have Marshal left who is S3.
  15. I really wish they’d keep adding new expansions. Give me more land and 2 more villagers!
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  16. Yeah…. They need to add more shit
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  17. I've all but given up on it. It's sad cos I was so into it but unless I dig up my island and start it all again, what else is there to do?

  18. How big this could've been!
  19. I really cannot understand why Nintendo didn't release further content for the game. Like, it was a huge money maker, there was so much interest, and critics also loved it. It's a really bizarre decision for them to have dropped the game so quickly.
  20. I feel like that was always the plan. It is shocking that they didn’t change their mind, I guess they just wanted the studio to shift to Splatoon 3 but like… Splatoon 3 could have fucking waited honestly.
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