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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. I unlocked the museum today.

    This was literally me, a Biology stan, walking into each room:


    The variety and atmosphere of the bug section, the fish section being a full-blown aquarium, complete with huge exhibits, walk-in tunnels and everything, the fossils section being built around the tree of life, with the last room featuring all the villager species... It's basically your own zoo, aquarium and Natural History museum, all in one place. Ugh, I love this game.
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  2. You know you can sell them even at night via that little bin?
  3. I do, but you sell them for 80% their value and I realized it's not worth it when you have a 548,000 bell debt to pay.
  4. Get those man-faced stink bugs outta MY face
  5. XXX


    Miss Raddle telling me if I was a food I would be a durian

  6. So Nook shut up shop today so I can't travel to mystery islands. What the eff am I supposed to do now? On the plus side Marina moved in and she's a queen.


    Last night I tried that thing where you clear a mystery island to get as many tarantulas as possible. It sort of worked. But mole crickets spoil it.

    My turnip price is 146 at the moment. Pretty good. I sold mine at 123 on Tuesday though.
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  7. My turnip prices the last 2 days have been 171 and 153 but of course I have none because I found out Daisy only sticks around til 12pm and my Blathers ass sleeps until then.
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  8. The aesthetics... ShesServingYourHonour.jpeg.

    Does anyone here have the Able Sisters' shop fully up and running? As much as I like looking like a demented caterpillar, it'd be nice to have some more human clothing nn
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  9. I do, can open up the gates in a moment.
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  10. Much obliged x
  11. I need some more bloody house plants.
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  12. Hopefully I can join you all on Monday with this game :(
  13. Guys! Eyebrows are a revelation!

  14. Guess who just shot down 30 000 Bells in a balloon?
  15. Open ur islands furries
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  16. I passed out playing the game dddd and I think I missed your gate being open when I woke up. I'll drop them off for ya today if you're around.
  17. aux


  18. It’s not registering u :(
  19. aux


    Try again queen, this goddamn dodo is taking her sweet time xx
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