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Animal Crossing: New Threadrizons

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Feb 21, 2020.

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  2. I think this is my cue to stop for the night.
  3. Anybody have Flick the red chameleon wandering around their island today??? I have a full load of tarantulas to sell and I wanna at least see if I can max profits before I drop them off at the cranny before bed (it’s midnight here)
  4. Me returning to Cape God with over 215,000 bells worth of tarantulas at the cost of all the tools I brought with me to hell island.

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  5. Amassing a fortune off of man faced stink bugs opulence
  6. Me opening Animal Crossing and the first character focused on is Mabel and her stall for the first time:
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  7. XXX


    Nook's Cranny is closed today and I can't even craft tools?!
  8. Found out about (and obtained) a second inventory upgrade. Wig ascending.

    Why can't you craft tools? Do you not have a crafting bench of your own? You should have a recipe for one.
  9. XXX


    Oops I meant Tom Nook's station instead of Nook's Cranny (I'm playing in a different language.

    And thank you! I had the working bench outside of my house since the beginning and pressed A about a dozen of times so I figured it just didn't work. Turns out I think I just had to turn it.
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  10. Why am I yelling at everyone renaming RJFVille to Fyre Festival I-
  11. A new villager has arrived in my tent today. His name is Jacques and he uses a lot of French phrases when he speaks. I think he might be French. He reminds me a little of the guys I went to art school with. You know, those guys who have already had ten cups of coffee at nine in the morning and think they're "cool" for knowing all the obscure art movements. I think he and Sylvia won't get along.

  12. Decided to restart after a week of play and now I have butch icon Renee and (despite his name) sub-bottom Dom as neighbours.
  13. Isabelle turned up to the remodelled services centre and she didn’t remember when I mayor of the fucking town she worked at for the last six years. What did I do to deserve this?

    Sahara came by today. I love the way her character speaks. I think it’s my favourite. Her rugs remains terrible though. That animated wallpaper though. [orgasm.gif]

    Spendint 8000 nook miles on only 1 more row of inventory space?! Daylight robbery!
  14. I have no sympathy for you dumb bitches because Nooky literally said in his daily update that he'd be closing the store!!! Ratticus gave you TIME
  15. XXX


    ddd at this being true.
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  16. I got him too, I hate his look nn

    But I let him move in just so I can get Island Designer faster.
  17. Finally got 30 iron nuggets and built Nook's Cranny. So when do new villagers finally move in?
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  18. You can start setting their houses when Nook's Cranny is built, and then, when the houses are ready, they'll start moving in, one per day.
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  19. How do y’all organise your islands? Cause right now I’m just kind of winging it without much thought but my island looks like trash. Do you have separate areas for each type of fruit?
  20. I'm not about the town planning aspect of the game. I put shit in random places and plant trees wherever there's space.

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