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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bimbo, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. She's releasing a new single every month at the moment dd. Based on the artwork and being a Max Martin production, Boys Don't Cry looks pretty promising
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  2. Tbh I think this has been the case since 2018 ddd. There's always a single or a collab coming out, one right after the other.
    But tru, this is looking good. The music video looks like a huge production and Max Martin track doesn't come for cheap at all so... I'm perched. She's trying very hard to break into the US market and this really looks like a big shot. If nothing happens, then, not good for her.
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  3. Does anyone know the reasoning behind always having a new song out?
  4. Throwing it all out til something sticks? Also I feel many currently popular artists from South America are constantly dropping like Maluma, J. Balvin, Bad Bunny. Maybe it’s more regional to keep striking the iron while its hot instead of waiting ages for a follow up to underperform and fade out? I definitely love the approach.
  5. I think it's partly because she's going for various different markets at the same time. The Portuguese songs are for Brazil, the Spanish ones for the rest of Latin America and the English ones an attempt to break the US.
  6. Are the markets accepting the going for?
  7. Well...


    I believe Faking Love has been getting some traction in Brazil since December but I can't say much about other countries.
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  8. Poquito remains her best song. Now that was a classic!
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  9. There’s also a cultural thing that “ALBUMS” aren’t THAT important and never been at all. People pretty much focus on Singles. Ironically, Live albums and DVDs used to be a huge thing.

    Thank You, Melody!
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  10. Melody, the legend.
  11. Oh wow... oh wow.

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  12. Wow, it sounds huge. I feel the PJ girls at large will be stanning.
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  13. I Cannot believe it's Anitta that will be delivering Physical's cousin to our world.
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  14. I like Anitta, but girl. Talk about some dangerous expectations.
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  15. It's the same vibe all around (of course it's not as powerful but ddd.) It's a cute 80s moment for sure. If the music video does come along nicely, I can see it bringing some buzz around her.
  16. To be honest I get more Katy Perry from that preview than anything.
  17. I'm hearing first album Rocki Lovato but let's see.
  18. Anitta sweetie I'm so sorry
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  19. It's out there. Short but a huge bop
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  20. Yeah, it was meant to be on Dua's last album from what I heard. Don't think this will do much for her though. Every single of this campaign had a different sound which leaves her faceless nowadays, which is a shame when a few years ago she had an obvious signature sound. I don't understand the strategy of trying to make a foreign artist blow up by getting her to release a sound that's so common and draining out whatever made her different.
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