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Anna Calvi - Hunter (Aug. 31st)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sugarcoma, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Tracklist:
    1. As A Man
    2. Hunter
    3. Don’t Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy
    4. Indies Or Paradise
    5. Swimming Pool
    6. Alpha
    7. Chain
    8. Wish
    9. Away
    10. Eden

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  2. Her voice is primal on this song. So glad to have her back. She’s always been an artist I’ve enjoyed but forget to seek out? If that makes sense?
  3. What a great song! First I was a little scared about this George Ezra-like Intro, but the Song progresses beautifully, the bridge is gorgeous and the ending absolutely haunting. Dramatic as usual with Calvi. I'm curious to see how this album unfolds, I expect this album to be a lot more revealing than her previous two.
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  4. Just saw she's gigging near me in September, will definitely go and also buy this album.
  5. It's been on repeat since I first heard it, "Hunter" is very Kristin Kontrol to me, just a little bit more dramatic.

    Haunting electronic rock queen!
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  6. The video for Hunter is out-- majorly NSFW!

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  7. Super reviews across the board for the album. Five stars from The Guardian.
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  8. Indies or Paradise is divine! I’ve just listened to the album once, and I think I need a couple more listens before I know what I think. It seeems stellar though!
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  9. The album is everything a rock album should be in the year 2018: raw yet refined, pin-point concise, intricate but immediately accessible, and daring from every single point of view, from the vocals to the influences to the themes explored. Without doubt one of the most successfully realized and compelling albums of the year. I remember around the time of release her debut getting similar acclaim but I didn't find it to my taste. This record definitely makes me want to check it out again.
  10. I've been obsessed with Don't Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy for the last few days.

    It's such an unabashedly joyous sing-a-long queer anthem with just a hint of melancholy. It has literally been giving me LYFE.
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  11. What @truman said. Noticed all my faves follow her and now I totally know why.
  12. ‘Hunter’, both the song and video, is fucking stunning. I’ve seen her name pop up so many times over the years...I really need to dive into her work.
  13. Fantastic album. Immediate highlights for me are 'Alpha' (love the whispered chorus and messy lumbering guitar solo), 'Eden', and 'Swimming Pool'. She has incredible control of her voice.
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  14. Swimming Pool is so epic.

    Song like The Devil, Sing To Me and Suzanne and I are seriously brilliant. Most of her material is honestly. What a gem.

    She’s one of the only artists I want to oversing.
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  15. Oh wow.
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  16. Is the "As a Man" official video good? It's exclusive to Apple Music and I'm too lazy to figure out how to watch that.
  17. It's okay! It consists mostly of 3 scenes: day time with people, nighttime with people, and person on fire. After watching it twice I would say it's about average. It's not terrible though so I'd maybe seek it out!
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  18. The album is currently £4.99 on iTunes. A complete bargain.
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