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Anne-Marie - #AM2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. That 1-2 punch felt mega promising. I still love Alarm.

    Whatever she's got coming up next, I really have a bad feeling about it. She'll get a bizillion streams but her credibility went south, as far as I'm concerned.
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    She had so much potential just to squander in order to get hits. At least her voice is a lot more tolerable than Jess Glynne's.
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  3. She posted a snippet a while ago on Instagram and it sounded promising so here’s hoping. Alarm and Ciao Adios deserved the success 2002 got I mean it’s literally her worst song no exaggeration.
  4. If it wasn't for that awfwl week when Ed Sheeran occupied 9 slots of the top 10 in the UK Charts, Ciao Adios would've been top 5
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  5. New single Birthday out everywhere February 7th:

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  6. I didn’t mind the Speak Your Mind album. It was faceless, but it had some personality to it. I do hope everything is a step up from that because she shouldn’t compromise anymore in order to gain hits.
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  7. Coming back with a song literally called Birthday that's almost certainly genetically engineered specifically to be placed on every "Fab Bday Tunes" and "Cheeky 21st With The Girlies" playlist? That's so Anne-Marie!
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  8. She should just attempt to cover this banger:
  9. I don't think she should though...
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  10. Somi's Birthday it is then.
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  11. That picture/outfit... no ma'am.
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    I wish her an ounce of luck.
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  13. Welp it low key sounds awful.
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  14. Imagining I will suffer through her new beige song that will be overplayed by the radio in my country

  15. This is beyond, lazy lazy vocals, why she sings like that
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  16. She had a lil 'birthday' party thing in London last night and performed the song. I did not like it.
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  17. I think that it's a cute little bop.
  18. This is... there... i suppose.
  19. Birthday is out, I can’t believe her label/team thought this would be a good lead single for her second album. It’s very poor.
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