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Anne-Marie - #AM2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Warner Music/Atlantic Records wtf is that? Sis got so much potential and her team doesn't seem to use it properly. I don't think a follow-up decent single can save her "credibility" by now. Hope I'm wrong tho
  2. I had to turn the video off halfway through. She's become the embodiment of the "we irritating" meme.
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  3. This is actually that bad.
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  4. I don’t get the hate truly, it’s a perfectly serviceable basic bop. It’s catchy and it’s relatable, might go viral on TikTok, I may play it on my birthday. What more would I need from pure pop.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. Talent?
  7. Oh dear. The song is chart-worthy but coupled with the video the whole thing comes across as very contrived. Like she's parodying numerous other American pop girls. Where did Anne-Marie go?
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  8. Honestly had to turn this off half way through.

    I am ashamed I even listened for that long. What the hell happened? Her debut actually had a few bops.
  9. Evidently I'm in the minority, but I think that it's a cute little basic bop and I quite like the video and its pastel aesthetic.
  10. Birthday is cute. Not sure if it's single material, though.
  11. ILIRA did it better again and again

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  12. I personally don’t think it’s terrible. She’s had better songs for sure but I guess I’ll use it a bit. I’m hoping the second single has the punch that Ciao Adios/Can I Get Your Number ect have.
  13. So I decided to check it out and it's servicable enough. I don't have an urge to play it again, but it'll do.
  14. This is DIABOLICAL.
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  15. I just looked up the lyrics (cause I sure as hell am not going to bother listening to the song) and scream at how true this is. I mean

    I'm another year older
    I won't cry about you anymore

    To dye my hair, mmm

    And I'm wearin' that dress I can't afford

    Do some stupid shit, maybe get a tattoo (Oh)
    Whatever I can do to get my mind off you (Oh)

    I'ma do what I like
    I'ma eat what I like
    I'ma kiss who I like

    I can't even afford my rent (Ooh)

    Ain't got any wiser
    Gonna be hungover
    Never learned my lesson

    And I ain't gonna listen
    I don't really care

  16. This song is evil.
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  17. Its serviceable. I’m not going to be overplaying it a la Physical but I’ll slot it in my playlist and bop along if it comes on.

    The video IS dire though.
  18. The Jessica Cornish energy she's giving off in the video. I closed the tab in fear.
  19. At least the first album had some moments. This... this exists.

  20. A truly dire performance
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