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Anne-Marie - #AM2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. She looks/performs like a cast member of Eastenders who has dressed up to do a performance on Let's Sing & Dance For Comic Relief rather than an actual popstar.
  2. ‘Wearing that dress I can’t afford’
    ‘I can’t even afford my rent’

    Not this Sheeran-esque, GP-pandering, ‘I’m so quirky and relatable and not like the other celebrities’ piece of garbage.
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  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    This is basically a Meghan Trainor song but so much worse and without any of the ironic charm. She's basically a backing singer who was told to be in front because the main singer couldn't be in the session one day ddd.
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  4. A chaotic thumbnail. Hard pass.
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  5. Just seen a clip of this on Sunday Brunch.

    Never been a fan of her but Jesus CHRIST. How could any label/management authorise a song like that to go out?! Absolutely dismal.

    Watch it be number 1 for 3 weeks.

  6. To me it looks like it's been under label and management micro management to the last detail.
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  7. The fact that this is what record labels want to pour money into nowadays....

    “Electric chair!” etc
  8. She peaked with Summer Girl.
  9. The song itself is not that bad, but the lyrics are very lowest common denominator to the point that it'll either flop miserably or smash hard.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I feel like there is talent there but i hate everything about this.
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  11. How is this the same girl who was on Rumour Mill?

    She has talent and bops for sure, but the last album was so beige and it looks like that’s the direction of the new material as well...
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  12. Let's listen to actually good Anne-Marie songs instead of... that:

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  13. I was kinda digging Birthday until that Chuck E. Cheese chorus came in.
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  14. Another one of my favourites
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  15. Why did she have to collab with Ed Shitran and ruin everything
  16. This not being a single was a hate crime

  17. Front page jokes on the cravenness of this.

    You might have missed her set at the Jingle Ball, probably her greatest performance ever. Without the shit songs:

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  18. Warner surely believes in this (and most likely was done under severe focus group/research/what the tiktok kidz want) because this is being advertised and pushed everywhere. Outdoor/online ads/etc.

    And I find it funny how, judging by Instagram, Studio Moross (who are absolute creative mammoths and doing a lot of out-of-the-box stuff) is behind some of the creative direction in this. She as hetero GP let's be relatable tee hee hee as it gets now. Shame she started out so nice a few years ago, but whatever earns the coin I guess.
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  19. That Ciao Adios performance is fantastic. It's a shame she's on this course which is so obviously label-led. There is potential there.
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